CVG-E3 2011's Most Anticipated: RAGE

CVG: "The post apocalypse is so hot right now. But if anyone's going to get you excited about mutants and mega guns again, it's id Software. Yes, the Doom-creating, Quake-making, writing-the-rule-book-on-shoot ers id Software.

Securing a place in the hearts of first-person shooter fans way back in the 1990s with its classic corridor shooter, id has piled all of its new technology (a shiny new engine called id Tech 5) into a game that steps away from those dimly-lit corridors and instead moves out into an insanely rich world that's so pretty you can almost feel the irradiated dust itching at your skin."

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BeastlyRig3533d ago

BF3 Most Anticipated for me!

tehpees33532d ago

thats the outcome? geek RRRRRAAAAAGGGGGEEEEE!!!!!

kramun3532d ago

One of my most anticipated, along with Skyrim.

BeastlyRig3532d ago

while uncharted is amazing it's very uninnovative..

the shooting , combat & cover system is kinda like a friendly version of gears! But the story is always amazing!