Fable III dev says used sales more problematic than piracy

GameSpot - With the Online Pass schemes adopted by Electronic Arts, THQ, and Sony, it's clear the industry isn't keen on secondhand game sales. What's less clear is exactly how the industry views the impact of used game sales relative to outright piracy.

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Nate-Dog2709d ago

Then maybe we shouldn't have to still pay so much for new games. Gotta meet us part of the way, gaming is an expensive enough hobby and so many of us gamers are very loyal to devs and the industry despite how much it takes out of our pockets.

Peaceful_Jelly2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

What is the difference in price between a new game and a used one on GameStop? Like 2 maybe 3 dollars... >_<

Nate-Dog2709d ago

I'm located in Ireland, where our prices in Euro and the prices in Pounds in the UK are usually way more expensive after conversion. Trade-in prices and second-hand game prices are pretty awful here too. (Btw I'm using the UK prices as an example too because a lot of people here including myself often import from the UK. Games here were at one stage as high as €70 a pop and as far as I know they're still somewhere near that in mainland Europe. They only came down here because retailers were losing out on people importing instead.)

RememberThe3572709d ago

Well to be fair thats a 20 dollar game, I'd rather buy it new than save 3 dollars for a used copy. But with Gamefly I save 15 bucks on new games. Thats a big savings for someone with a low income.

I_find_it_funny2709d ago

4 games out of 5 I play only once and never get back to them so paying 50euro for that is way too much, I rent games, switch games with friends, etc

I tend to buy new games when I want to keep them for good

L6RD7BLU32709d ago

True, but you will be surprised on how many people will pick up the used copy and save those 2 or 3 bucks sad but true.

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The_Nameless_One2709d ago

Are you the same Nate Dog that's on my PSN list?

Nate-Dog2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Probably not since my PSN name isn't any version of "Nate Dog". :P

starchild2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Some gamers are so short sighted and can't seem to see things from the developer's perspective.

Game prices aren't arbitrary. It's not like tomorrow they can just decide to price games at $29.95 and everything will be fine. Many games don't even manage to recoup development costs as it is.

Gamers demand long games, high production values, and they want to play every game out there that interests them. Well, with these requirements how do you expect for games to be cheaper?

You can't demand longer games, and cheaper games, all the while buying half of your games used. Sorry, the economics of that equation don't work.

Many console gamers berate PC gamers over the issue of piracy, even though a majority of serious PC gamers are opposed to piracy. This is ironic because most of those same console gamers turn around and buy many of their games used. They don't realize that they are hurting the industry just as much as piracy is.

From the developer's perspective both problems are nearly equal threats.

Some people will argue that at least there is money being spent in the used gaming market. But what they don't realize is that the developers and publishers don't see almost any of that money.

When you buy a used game the money goes to the person selling that game, the developer gets none. At best you can hope that that person will spend that money on a game. The chances of them spending that money on another game from that same developer, however, is very small.

What's worse is that people will often choose a used game over a new game simply to save 3 or 4 dollars. I see this all the time at places like Gamestop and

You can't argue that the person buying the used copy would have simply not bought the game altogether if the used copy didn't exist. The reality is that they would probably just spend the couple extra dollars to get that game they wanted.

I understand the situation most of us gamers are in, but we also need to think about the dynamics and economics of this industry and how things affect the people making the games we love.

Perjoss2709d ago

Interesting, and myself I do acknowledge 2nd hand sales as a problem for gaming, but what about other industries such as music and film, they have suffered the same problem for years and nobody has done anything about it, it's perfectly legal to buy / sell 2nd hand music and film, do you really think the gaming will be treated any different?

baodeus2709d ago

Why buying used game is worst?

Well simply put, because it is LEGAL. Developers can't do much about it. The way i see it, we are just pushing toward more strictly online gaming (no more disc medium).

darkdoom30002709d ago

Renting isn't bad since the rental places pay for a rental licence for that copy of the game.

HolyOrangeCows2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Used Games: One sale
Rent: Licensing fee
Pirate: Nothing

There's no spinning it, (unless you're a deluded dev who wants to push for online passes/DLC, poor streaming technologies, etc - Pete wants to sell you two missions at a time for $15 a pop, maximizing his profit), used game sales are NOT anywhere near as bad as piracy, and it is a general right of the customer to sell his copy.

"I don't know why used sale are such a problem now. Devs make money off of the initial sale. This was never a problem until now"
It's because Gamestop is making lots of money and they're rubbing their dirty mitts together and drooling, trying to find a way to make more money off of the copy of a game that they've already sold.

But the used MARKET entails SEVERAL games having been sold once, giving the customer their rights to resell that copy. The pirate "market" only needs one copy to be copied and spread to different sources.

Eamon2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

To correct you:

Used Games: One sale
Rent: Licensing Fee
Pirate: One sale.

The copy that was uploaded online to be pirated was due to "one sale." Someone had to buy the original before he uploads it. So it's the same thing really. A used game can be bought then sold over and over without the developers making any profit of it which is the same as piracy to them.

A lot of devs see second hand sales as worse for them simply because it is legal and so a huge number of people do so.

But the answer to all of this is: tough. That's life and reality. The real business minded person would not resort to complaining that nobody is buying your game 1st hand. Instead you should think of ways to overcome this problem like appealing to the customer whether it is marketing or simply improving the production values of the game itself.

ct032709d ago

Lionhead is not spinning it at all. They are looking at lost revenue.

Scenario a) Eliminate used game sales
Secnario b) Eliminate piracy

They are saying that scenario a) would increase revenue more than scenario b)

ATiElite2709d ago

Crappy console ports to PC are more problematic than Piracy.

i've seen the Fable 3 PC version and it looks like a toilet after a spicy chili buffet.

The nerve of some Devs to talk about "Used Game Sales" when they make crappy games and expect people to pay $60 bucks. 90% of the games released are "Rentals" at best with a tacked on MP to sucker you into a purchase (insert Crysis 2-Homefront).

Make games that people wanna keep and play forever and you wont have to worry about used games.

R8342708d ago

"i've seen the Fable 3 PC version and it looks like a toilet after a spicy chili buffet."

haha. +bubbles for making me laugh

SixTwoTwo2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I buy all my games brand new from Amazon and I have saved hundreds shopping there. It is up to you to go out and find good prices. I find great deals all the time without having to buy used games from gamestop. I do not support them and their crooked policies. I make sure my hard earned money goes to the devs who worked hard to make these games we all love.

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Tigerfist2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

It's something they have to live with. They can't just expect to cut every single shape of the consumers freedom.

StitchJones2709d ago

Well console game releases need to include Serial numbers for ALL games in order to work. That will make game trades vanish. Notice stores like Gamestop do NOT take trades on PC games.

bumnut2709d ago

If they reduced the price of games to £24.99 that would not be a bad idea, but they would keep them at full price and screw gamers over.

If games were not so expensive there would not be a 2nd hand market.

thebudgetgamer2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

i never buy a used game to save two or three dollars, for that i will buy a new copy. that said i will never pass up a gears of war for five dollars.

also the idea of buying used is prevalent in all consumer goods i don't see ford or chevy whinning.

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