Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Preview | CheatCC

CheatCC says - It's no secret that the Disgaea series is Nippon Ichi Software's cash cow. Fan favorite Disgaea 1 has been ported to almost as many platforms as the first Final Fantasy game, and Disgaeas 2 and 3 have been successful for the company as well. Combining a feature-rich strategy RPG core with a strong dose of twisted, madcap humor, the Disgaea series charms both casual and hardcore gamers. This fall, Disgaea 4 will become the latest entry in the series to reach North American shores, promising a new theme and an even bigger combat system.

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Redempteur3537d ago

nice read , even if most of it was in the long DSG4 trailer

Tdmd3537d ago

Can't wait! Never played a disgaea game before, but it seems pretty cool!