Xbox disc errors unrelated to firmware

Those hoping the upcoming new Xbox 360 firmware will bork your console and thus qualify you for a shiny new one could be out of luck.

Microsoft has told Eurogamer this evening that the disc read error reported by users has nothing to do with the new firmware.

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XRider3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

How many more times does this need to be told before it sinks in? Oh... wait N4G I forgot.

Rageanitus3533d ago

I bet it wont beat the amount of times IGN brings up articles about the PSN

Michael-Jackson3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Yeah, I used to like IGN but I kinda don't now.

Megaton3533d ago

Spare some victim cards, bro? I'm fresh out.

Scrotie_McBoogerball3533d ago

At least 50 more articles to come on this subject yet mate.

It will be a bit of a PS3 fanboy come back point, after recent events I'm sure.

Sad sad sad.

fr0sty3533d ago

funny how the tide turns. one company is embarrased, then the other screws up, then back to the other again... meanwhile nintendo laughs in their little corner. RROD's, YLOD's, PSN Hacks, E74, DRE's, scratched discs, overheating power supplies, Live going out for 2 weeks in 07, it's been a back and forth game.

The only screw up I've seen with Wii (other than abandoning the core audience, which is only a screw up if you're not nintendo. they're too busy counting money to care.) was a friend's power supply going out, which they promptly replaced free of charge without even asking for a serial number.

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NexGen763533d ago

Can't wait & see how many Xbots play damage control on this

MintBerryCrunch3533d ago

so it was a previous firmware update??

is there a difference between software/firmware update on the 360??

could it be that thing where they were able to get more storage on a DVD disk

thebudgetgamer3533d ago

i hope not, then i would have two consoles that don't read disks.

XRider3533d ago

That sucks dude. You still under warranty?

thebudgetgamer3533d ago

no,it was like four years in. i can replace it fairly cheap but stuff keeps popping up that keeps me from doing it.

XRider3533d ago

I got mine from a power seller on ebay that sells new replacements consoles for PS3 and 360. I can't remember the name of the guy, but he sells 360's for $70 to $80, and PS3's for about $80 to $100. These are console only so you need cables.



Bathyj3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I dont get it.

So if it were this firmware braking consoles you'd be covered, but because its an older firmware breaking consoles youre not?

How does that work?

What if I havent turned on my Xbox for months, I'm probably 2 or 3 firmwares behind, and now I have one waiting for me, that wants to kill my drive and I wont be covered?

Plus, isnt that title a flat out lie? I was going to say misleading, but no, its actually worse than that.

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