LA Noire Got You Stumped? Here are some tips to catch people in a Lie

The military and police will use these techniques to spot if someone's lying and it works here as well.

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cyborg69713531d ago ShowReplies(1)
cochise3133531d ago

I hear it gets harder to tell if the person is lying later in the game; i haven't gotten that far yet.

BlackHulk3531d ago

So far this has been helping me out in the game, I hope it carries through

ChronosRaikou3531d ago

Yeah the shifty eyes are a big giveaway. Some ppl are just hard to read.

nopunctuation3531d ago

I havent played it yet but signs of lying in real life are shifty eyes. Touching the face. Forced eye contact, lack of slang or contractions in speech, sweating etc. Cool stuff to look up if you get the chance,

TheLastGuardian3531d ago

I really needed this article. Interrogating suspects is harder than I thought it would be.

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