Assassin's Creed Targets PC

Sharpen your jagged-edge dagger and pull up your face veil because Assassin's Creed will be announced for PC this week - meaning it won't just be PlayStation 3 early adopters who get to feast on the game's throat-slitting glory at the beginning of next year.

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zypher5882d ago

let the debating remain civil on this one fellow gamers.

TheMART5882d ago

There you go. And it'll be a 360 announcing soon also.

wakkiwakko5882d ago

Good news. I do hope it will become a multiplatform title. :)

bung tickler5882d ago

its all about economics... it would simply have been stupid for them to release it only on one platform when they have all the pc users that will buy it and the 5 million plus 360 owners who will buy it. just shows that when people said it was running on something other than a ps3 at e3 they were right.

Microsoft Master5882d ago

At the end of August 7 million 360's would have been shipped and sold so the base is continually growing. So Ubisoft would make big profit.

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The story is too old to be commented.