Small room? Try MagniEye for Microsoft Kinect!

123KINECT: There have been talks about the minimum room size required for using the Xbox Kinect for almost a year now, but in a small apartment where you can hardly fit a couches and a plant you can generally forget about playing Xbox Kinect games.

Soon, there'll be a solution!

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ClimateKaren3531d ago


I feel like this would've been incorporated into the device itself if it could actually work well... I don't know.

OC_MurphysLaw3531d ago

If this device really does work...MS should look into doing a bundle deal with these guys and have that as an alternate SKU bundle. This would absolutely open up Kinect to even more homes and owners rooms who lack the needed space.

That all said, MS needs to show us at E3 that they are bringing quality games to this experience to entice those that might pick it up if they could nix the space issue.

mark01923531d ago

Absolutely, there's a huge chance for MS there :D

nirwanda3531d ago

I love it a kinect with glasses lol.

BlmThug3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I will need it if i buy a kinect (lets see how forza world is)