OXM UK: Mass Effect 3 - RPG or Shooter?

OXM UK: "Have Mass Effect's role-playing subsystems and tropes been crushed beneath the accumulated weight of guns and frag grenades? Let's discuss."

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dirigiblebill2713d ago

Imagine a turn-based Mass Effect...


gillri2713d ago

both I hope, thats what makes it great

its a hybrid RPG, much like Shenmue and Deus Ex, and for me they are better than traditional rpg's

Dee_Cazo2713d ago

I think Mass Effect has the potential of offering the perfect console MMO world.

With interesting settings and character races it would pull a lot of people in.

All it would need is balancing of the abilities and gun/player customization and I would be sold.

RedDead2713d ago

....they're aiming to beat Gears 3 and Uncharted 3....Shooter I say.

CrzyFooL2713d ago

Mass Effect is a 3rd person cover based shooter with light role playing elements.

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