Battlefield 3 and DICE Will Attend GDC Europe 2011

New Information and Screenshots are coming Tommorow on May 18th. DICE is going to Attend GDC Europe together with E3

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UnbiasedGamer2713d ago

Perhaps we can get some new amazing gameplay.:D maybe this time showing off the console version.

PS360PCROCKS2713d ago

lol Panda you read my mind hahaha. F the console, show me more of the PC! Disagrees COMMENCE! lol

UnbiasedGamer2713d ago

I don't disagree, The PC version does look mouth watery and a spectacle to behold, However I don't have a gaming PC :P So why not show both PC and show off some console footage so both camps are happy :D

BeastlyRig2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I'm sure they will talk about console tech but It wont be the main focus..

They probably talk about the same stuff as last time..


iamnsuperman2713d ago

Well I am going to get it on the PS3 so as a consumer I want to see the product I will buy. The PC looks really good but just showing the PC is making me less and less interested because they haven't shown any console footage (little worrying)

GhettoBlasStarr2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Before PSN went down I downloaded the gameplay trailer off of the network. I don't think PS3 can/would pass of PC gameplay as its own.
With that said, I saw a slight difference than what I saw PC gameplay on youtube....... I did that over an hour.
And if what was on PSN is PS3 gameplay, then everybody is going to be ecstatic...... except Call of Duty & their Fanboys of course.

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