EDGE Magazine - LA Noire Review

If nothing else, LA Noire is a tribute to the power of production values. There’s that sprawling set, for a start: a recreation of ’40s LA that – despite a half-hearted sprinkling of collectibles – functions merely as the backdrop for its brooding tales of post-war moral corruption. Then there’s the painstakingly detailed props, which range from the incidental and world building – contemporary car models, authentic storefronts, a full range of ’40s fashions – to the utterly central: the telltale lawyer’s letters, train tickets and bloodstained knives that you, Detective Cole Phelps, will rifle through. And then there are the faces.

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gillri3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Thought an EDGE 8 was on the cards

really excited now, only 2 days to go here in the UK

what did they give Heavy Rain?

gillri3533d ago

edit: just seen they gave HR a 7

and when that game got it right it was GOTY material, I hope for another mature serial killer storyline in this also

nycredude3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

you guys are going to love this game. This is a low score for this game. Edge and Eurogamer gave it the safe 8 score and most of the complaints were it was a slow burn but that is precisely why it is so good. it isn't your average shooter or fighter.

it is pretty much GTA/Mafia 2/Heavy rain/L.A. Confidential all wrapped up in one with high production values and really good graphics and voice acting.

it more than just a serial killer storyline.

Chuk53533d ago

Yeah and edge also gave ME1 a 7, but crackdown 2 an 8. Their scores mean nothing to me.

news4geeks3533d ago

I've defended edge in the past, but I think the only reason that they gave crackdown 2 an 8 was because they said something along the lines of having to eat their hats if infamous 2 is better than crackdown 2. This gives them the fall back of giving infamous 2 a 7 or at most an 8. Also, crackdown 2 was received poorly and edge are usually pretty harsh on reviews(which is why I like them).

electricshadow3533d ago

While I don't take reviews as seriously as some people, I certainly use them as a guide to see how well a game is. An 8 from EDGE is actually pretty good.

Raider693533d ago

An 8 from edge and a 7 from gamekult my most wanted review sites is all i need to get this game on my console!

Perjoss3533d ago

an 8 from edge and its not even a Nintendo game, this translates to an 11/10.

phello3533d ago

That is so true, they love nintendo at edge

Perjoss3533d ago

Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with that, they are only human after all and have preferred games / platforms just like us, as long as people take it into account when reading reviews its fine.