PS3GamerGroup: Motorstorm: Apocalypse Review

Motorstorm: Apocalypse (MSA) is the latest release in the Motorstorm series which has brought us racing from the Pacific Rim to the Arctic Edge. This newest title takes the same feel of the previous versions and injects a shot of nitrous into its system and delivers racing on a whole new level.

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clrlite3531d ago

Really looking forward to picking this game up. It seems to be lots of fun, with tremendous replayability.

Grannyvukka3530d ago

Finally someone gives it a score more in line with how awesome the game truly is. I was worried with the new setting (going the whole split 2nd path), but once I fired up the game & started playing, I found the game not only anhilated split 2nd, but also the other 2 MS's, & every other arcade racer I'd ever played since the 2nd & 3rd Burnout's from PS2 days.

It truly is THE ARCADE RACER to beat this gen.