IGN - Soul Calibur V's Roster Expands

The producer of Soul Calibur V, Hisaharu Tago, has announced that the development team are hoping to include 26 fighters in the upcoming sequel.

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bigjclassic3529d ago

1. No more instant deaths, it was a fun minigame style option during the match, but it was not needed in SC at all.
2. The starting distance between fighters was to far away, anybody with a bo staff or broadsword could really tear **** up the 1st 20 secs.

Other than that SCIV was a great fighter.

snyder2nyce3529d ago

If u cant beat kilik or sigfreed u dont deserve to play SCIV

FamilyGuy3529d ago

Yeah really, it sounds like he sucks lol

I never had a problem with distance at the start of a match and critical finishes were earn. If you got hit by one it means you were turtling or already getting beaten up too much anyway. A coward deserves the death of a coward.

oricon3529d ago

Those one hit kills are really really hard you must be really bad to get ht by a instant death.