Editorial: Sony's Weak Sauce Compensation

Jordan Lund rages over Sony's selection of PS3 and PSP games to compensate gamers with.

Excerpt: "So here’s the problem: most of these games were pretty high profile when they came out and they came our a long time ago. Pursuit Force is the oldest of the bunch – it came out in Europe SIX YEARS AGO. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who wanted to play LittleBigPlanet already picked it up when it came out THREE years ago. By offering a list of old games Sony really isn’t doing anyone any favors. Plus, for people like me who already own most of these games, I don’t really GET anything."

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smoothdude3531d ago

I was hoping for Burnout Paradise. Oh well. I can't complain as they are free. If you want something else, you can always purchase it. It isn't like Sony is going to deprive you of new games.

Orange3531d ago

Burnout Paradise would've been nice. Mass Effect 2 would've blown me away...and why not, since you can pick it up for the 360 for $20. I suppose the problem is they're 3rd party games.

I guess i'll get LBP so I can load it off the hard drive instead of the disc. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Emilio_Estevez3531d ago

Um, why don't you DL the ones worth the most $ and then sell the retail copies? Another crybaby, take you ps+ and quirosity and movies rentals and home items and stfu

metsgaming3531d ago

you know what i never thought of that, you can sell your retail copies. That way you do get some "cash" to buy what ever game you want, isnt that what these people wanted just cash to buy what they want.

gaden_malak3531d ago

I traded LBP, Infamous for LA Noire.
Will redownload LBP and Infamous when it's up.

Pintheshadows3531d ago

Yay, someone else gets it!

blackburn103531d ago

Is EVERYONE just going to repeat the same thing over and over again? These are some of Sony's best games. It's not like they are giving you some half @$$ed minis or something. If you already have the games take everything else and SHUT UP. For the love of cake the gaming community is the whinnest group of all the media in the world. NO ONE complains as much as gamers do, not even movie buffs. I though after PSN came back the whining would stop. But stupid naive me. The whining is infinite.

Lifewish3531d ago

Couldn't agree more.. these games are top notch games.. i mean at least they aren't giving you Naughty Bear or some minis.

TotalPS3Fanboy3531d ago

If you don't like the sauce,
don't take it.

If you special treatment, you can always just give it back to Sony and Sony will spit in it for you.

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The story is too old to be commented.