Casual Gamers: Boon Or Burden?

In recent years we’ve heard the term “casual gamer” thrown around quite a bit. The past couple of years have seen many big moves from the gaming industry to attempt to grab the attention of the casual gamers and tap into this market. Even the gaming legend Nintendo built its last system with the idea that it could corner the casual gaming market. However, this demographic has not been the boon to the industry that these companies could have wanted. We’ve already heard the news from Nintendo about the on-going work on their new system since the Wii sales are starting to slide. The Xbox 360 Kinect has exceeded 10 million units worldwide but the fervor and energy surrounding it has begun to wane. The Move, originally aimed at casual gamers, has started seeping over to more serious gamers through compatibility with titles like Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4. This is an obvious attempt to squeeze a few more sales from the Move before they call it quits.

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tehpees33530d ago

put straight: I'm a purist so I'll always prefer the controller

thebudgetgamer3530d ago

both, the casual audience can really help a company like nintendo for example. the problem is these types of gamer are very fickle and will drop it as quickly as they picked it up, like atari.

Godmars2903530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

If they're not buying games, if they're only buying one exercise game with companies churning out dozens of knock off after it, an obvious burden.

Of course its the fault of those companies for not realizing the obvious mistake of following such trends as they remove resources from actual gaming.

pepsilover_20073530d ago

well it can be a burden or it can be good, but when casual games that are being produced as fast as its been lately and how shitty they have been, that is a problem, but if they dont make as many and they start being good, then casual games can provide a short burst of fun