Shot down

Activision's Soldier of Fortune: Payback has become the second game this year to be refused classification by the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

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MRMagoo1234017d ago

I cant believe how dumb australia is and yes i do live in australia so i can say its dumb if i wanna i hate not having an R rating the same as we cant get x rated movies here either it sucks

mighty_douche4016d ago

i wont be buying this game anyway but its a shame for people who might have.

ShiftyLookingCow4016d ago

this game is less violent than either dismembering or blowing GI Joe figures with fireworks

joydestroy4016d ago

November 21st, '07, not 2008.
&this game looks good. i like what i've seen.

Bolts4016d ago

If the gore is toned down or removed, you can just download a patch or mod to have it put back or be 10X more bloody. Console gamers however, are screwed.

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