IGM: 1916 – One Of The Scariest Games Ever Made

As far as delivering an experience goes, 1916 is outstanding and will remain as one that will stay with me. The game immediately draws comparisons to Amnesia: The Dark Descent due to the horror it is able to induce into its players. To get the full experience of 1916 requires a playthrough in the dark with headphones on, the game design does the rest

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conjurdevil3777d ago

downloading it right now! industry is realllly short of horror games and hey its 59 MB

ChrisPriestman3777d ago

You won't regret it seriously. But like I say, just do not look up any info on the game at all for the best experience!

RedDead3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Also length wise this game can be as short as 2 minutes, or it could be up to an hour, just comes quicker with how many times you play and how long it takes you to find a helping device you find a map

Spoilers in MY POST!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I recommend not using my little guide to victory and do it yourself, I felt liek the boss when I did it
Right, after the first enemy, stay on the right, turn eery right you can until you see a bunker door you find a map of the place, write it down on paper, when you find the gun, theres a map there, you will probably die, next time, don't get the fu**ing gun! Waste of time and dangerous. Use body parts and flares you come across, the map tells you were the gas mask and Laider are. I didn't think I would make it to the ladder, but I did in the end with 3 of the cunts chasing me and bitten once, that's how close it was.

For those who haven't finished don't read the next part.

Story:hEsHouldhAvestayedInthe fukinglowcastrench!

Opinion: very noice game, I wish it was in english or I could read it. The letters I mean

Yeah Lunatic, it does fu** all, I literally shot 5 bullets at one and they did nothing(well,with his shitty aiming I MIGHT have shot 5 bullets at it, how the hell can I know with the way he shoots). next time I just thought: "earlier on I was doing better with the body parts, fu** that gun", you would think a gun would be helpful, but I see what they were trying to do with it atleast. Don't fight, just run

LunaticBrandon3777d ago

The gun has to be the cruelest joke ever.

_LarZen_3777d ago

I made a bo bo in my pants...scared the hell out of me!

lovestospoodge3777d ago

where's the f*cking ladder???
iv been throwing body parts at robot raptors for like 20 minutes

lovestospoodge3777d ago

lol it's like the very first part ;)

danielle0073777d ago

Oh, that's awesome. I love how genuine horror games are making a comeback. I'll pick this up with amnesia once my PC stops hating me, and then I'll just have to sit patiently to see if Silent Hill: Downpour ends up being as good as it looks.

:D !

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