Loot Ninja's NBA 2K8 (PS3) Review

NBA 2K8 builds on the solid foundation of the 2K series to bring basketball to the next-gen. The game looks good, is fast paced, and provides a great deal of fun. Here is a breakdown of some of the facets of NBA 2K8 for the PS3.

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Stoned Alone4041d ago

just bought it today. i love everything about it except, as the article states, the presentation of the menus; confused the poo out of me when i first popped it in. I've always been a live person but i cant justify giving money to ea anymore; at least until the ps3 gets an quality equivalent title.

taz80804041d ago

2k basketball has always been good stuff. in my opinion better than NBA Live games, although this version of Live will have the 5 on 5 player vs player multiplayer action which sounds awesome

drunkpandas4041d ago

2K8 has that as well. 7 person offline and 10 person online play on the PS3. Not sure how many are supported on the Xbox 360

KINGDRAMA4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

me and my boys play it all the time. i wax em bad though.. usually I finish 40 points ahead. The only thing i cant shine on is the dunk contest.i love 4th quarters.........all the great players do amazing things in the fourth. very good, FUN game by this studio, i especially like how they fixed the sixaxis freethrow compared to 2k7. 2kstudios,u got my dough next year as well.

vaan4041d ago

And if it is the same menu system as that, then it sucks balls. Good games though.

KINGDRAMA4040d ago

flick left stick during a game pause and the submenu comes up.