Seriously? You're Complaining About Free Games?

The Big Pixel's Geoff Calver says that the complaints about Sony's PSN reparations offer are ridiculous.

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IanVanCheese2711d ago

Gotta agree all the whining about the games seems a bit stupid, they could never have pleased everyone though. It's a fine choice of games

LoaMcLoa2711d ago

Well, they have their reasons to complain. We have been without PSN in a whole month and we only have two decent games to choose from. The biggest problem is that most of us already have these games and therefore the offer is quite useless for us.

Sure, free games are great, but I'd like a wider option of games.

elite-shot2711d ago

i'd say 3 weeks rather than a month and all 5 are great games, if you have them then tough. They can't please everyone, they would need like 30 games for choice before it'd be possible for nobody in the world to have all the games on choice

bangoskank2711d ago

I would have settled for Eternal Sonata which retails for $17. Infamous is listed at $22. I don't even want anything from Sony but it would have been cool if more variety was offered.

BattleAxe2711d ago

If you've got all those games already, then you're not so hard done by I guess. Surely theres more to life than being mad because the PSN was down for a month.

thorstein2711d ago

If SONY allowed people to download any and all games from the servers for a full month to keep for free plus all the movies (remember you get free rentals too) and keep them people would still complain.

Oner2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

@ LoaMcLoa ~ You don't speak for everyone and you sure as hell don't speak for me. From what you said, you believe ~

"The biggest problem is that most of us already have these games and therefore the offer is quite useless for us."

I call complete and 100% utter BS because if you did the math percentages it would be an increasingly smaller amount as you add all the titles to choose from vs how many were sold world wide and the chances of people having them.

I.E. if only 5 Million inFAMOUS copies were sold then how can you actually say "most of us already have these games". Especially since the percentages would get worse when you factor in how many people have all these games as you would like to have people believe. You are speaking BS. So I reiterate ~

You do not speak for everyone

You do not speak for me

You speak for yourself

Personally I only have 2 of the 9 games listed and I am looking forward to getting my hands on inFAMOUS & Dead Nation. I have a PSP but probably won't even redeem the games listed as I don't really use it anymore. But if I were too, I would get Killzone Liberation & LBP or MNR as I don't have any of those as well.

Dragun6192711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

PSN is a Free service that went down for 23 days.

To make up for the downtime, Sony is giving us
- 2 out of the 5 PS3 games selected to give for free.
- 30 days PSN Plus subscription, a service that gives you free stuff, discounts & betas, for Free.
- 60 days of PSN Plus if your an existing Plus member.
- PlayStation Home will be offering 100 free virtual items
- 12 Months of 'AllClear ID Plus' Identity Theft Protection for Free
- Also PSN is free.

Yeah, No complaining here. Very surprised that Sony is even giving us free stuff considering its just a Free Service.

rob60212711d ago


"You don't speak for everyone and you sure as hell don't speak for me. From what you said, you believe ~"

I agree his claim on speaking for most of 'us', is likely to not be correct. He is still speaking for a fair percentage of people that legitimately bought the software probably at full price. I think you went a little overboard on your bashing there.

Only two of the games being quality is wrong - they're all solid games - and that's completely subjective. I think he makes a good point with wanting a wider option of games.

sobekflakmonkey2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I too agree completely with this article, for one we dont pay for PSN, so its not really like we LOST anything, just some time online, which is really no big deal (if it is, please, go outside more or just play single player games), to be honest I even thought giving EVERYONE PS+ for 30 days was too much because quite frankly the only people who deserve it are the people who had initially paid for it to begin with, because unlike those of you who didn't have it, we were actually PAYING money for that subscription, so yes, we deserve an extra 20-30 days.

So what I'm saying is, people who never paid for anything to begin with, chill out, because you really never lost anything in the first place, the only thing Sony owes you outright is the account protection.

Be glad they are offering you all so much. Stop acting spoiled.

dgonza402711d ago

how many damn games do you want? lol
i thought the range of games was great. They are very diverse.

if you already have these games then tough shit, just enjoy your free month of ps plus (the horror)/s

wake up and smell the savings lol

Drac2711d ago

15% at most and that's being generous, unless they've all sold a lot better than we've been lead to believe.

Anon19742710d ago

XBL was up and down sporadically for an entire month across quite a few regions a few years back, and that was a service I was paying for. For compensation we received Undertow, a craptastic, $10 game.

There's a list of things Sony's doing for us because their free service went down and part of that is compensating us PSN+ members for more than the time lost. On top of that, free games! Yeah, it kinda sucks for me because I either own or have played every game on that list - but we're talking 2 free games because a free service was offline. How can anyone complain about that?

ndl15312710d ago

got a solution for u bud download the free games and sell the hardcopies of the same game that way u make ursealf a little extra cash yea?

RedDragan2710d ago

I own none of those game, none at all. For me this is a great thing from Sony.

For those who already own everything on the list, get a life and go outside for a change. There are girls out there gagging for your meat and you are stuck inside playing video games?!


JD_Shadow2710d ago

I love when articles and people who never read the complaints try to generalize a situation that's a lot more specific than they want you to think it is.

It's not the free games. It's the selection. If you're a hardcore PSN/PS3 gamer, you've probably have played most of the games already (though you could do much worse than that list; those are all great games. Infamous was one of the best games of 2009, and if you have LBP2 and didn't get everything from LBP, get it because you can import the stuff you collected from the first game to the second one).

I'm not saying the article is right or wrong, but it's hard to get a clear opinion when they seem to not grasp the full nature of why people "whined" about it to begin with.

Biggest2710d ago

You guys and your "most" tags. There are over 50 million PS3s sold. There would have to be over 25 million copies of those games sold before they became "most" of anything. There will be close to 20 million PS3 owners/users that do not have games like inFamous. It's a great deal. Stop crying in public. It's unbecoming.

nycredude2710d ago


people who say "most of us already have these games" retarded at best. there are more than almost 50,000,000 ps3 sold. you are telling me those 5 games sold 50,000,000 copies? Come on man use your logic bro. Lbp sold maybe 3,000,000. Infamous maybe 2,000,000. That is hardly everyone.

iPad2710d ago

Dude its FREE!


$0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0



maddfoxx2710d ago

I'm sorry, but whats the chance that the majority that uses PSN has ALL of these games. I admit I have most of them, but not all. A free game is a free game. You also get free rentals too, so stop crying.

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2711d ago

I already have LBP and Infamous. I already have LBP2 and I've got Infamous 2 on pre-order, already paid for. I was secretly hoping for ModNation Racers.

"But ModNation Racers is on the PSP list."

That's nice... but I don't have a PSP.
There are all kinds of games that would have been cool to include... even preferable to the ones offered. Tomb Raider: Underworld, ModNation Racers, Warhawk, MAG, Prototype, Assassin's Creed 1 and 2 and let's not forget the boat load of PS1 classics.

Am I going to complain about the choices that actually WERE offered? Noooooo.... they're FREE. So even if they suck the sweat off a dead goat's naughty bits, they're worth what I paid for them.

I'll end up with WipEout and Dead Nation most likely. They're free so why would I complain?

slaton242711d ago

sorry i clicked disagree im gettin the same 2 u are dead nation and wipeout

vickers5002711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

People that don't have the games aren't the ones complaining, it's people who already have everything on that list who are complaining, and you can't really blame them.

Chances are, if they own all those games, then they're most likely pretty good customers of Sony (customers who purchase more than the average joe). It would be nice of Sony to offer a wider selection to their most loyal customers, the ones that got them where they are today.

The list is a pretty damn good selection of games, but the majority of them are old enough to where most people have them. Instead of Super Stardust HD, they could have offered MAG, instead of Wipeout HD (seriously, not many people who wanted this game haven't already bought it or got it for free by ps+ by now) they could have offered the God of War collection, instead of LittleBigPlanet (another free game that almost everybody who had any interest in it has already purchased) they could have offered ModNationRacers. Just add a few games like that to the list. No, it wouldn't please everybody, but it would be a lot better than what they have to offer now.

As for me, I'm happy enough with the offer as it stands. I'm getting Dead Nation and the Wipeout expansion (already have the main game), so no whining here, but I understand where others (who already have everything on the list) are coming from and they have every right to complain about getting offered something for their troubles that they already have.

nycredude2710d ago

I have everything on that list and I am NOT complaining. I still get two months of PS plus (I am a subscriber) 2 free psp games and over a hundred free items on Home.

I am really just glad to have psn back online and be able to chat and game with my friends.

Graey2710d ago

@ Vickers.

Don't you see that you kind of muted your point.

Firstly with all due respect you can't pigeon hole people into the category of them being most loyal because they already have those games. Unless you actually have come up with a working theory that supports your statement.

It could be that sony actually looked at the numbers and saw that either they would win out because most have the game or perhaps not. I'm sure they have a working formula to detect which games might be best to give for free. So it doesn't make anyone more loyal just because they have them, its just at the time that was their preference.

Granted yes Sony could have run a poll...or something to that effect giving your peers a chance to select the best say 5 games from each platform so that you knew that the reason you see the current selection is because of your peers.

Foregoing that however Sony really has no need to apologize or even entertain this subject. The reason why is simple.

The people complaining about this in actuality have no real basis to complain except that they want to complain. I mean let's face it. If you switched the current games with the ones you just listed you'd still have people who have the games and you'd still have people complaining that their should have been a different selection. Knowing that we all can clearly see that the fault does not rely on Sony but on the people thinking they are entitled to something.

What you and a lot of others should think about is they are giving you something, not shunning you, not pretending, they are actually trying to make amends..and yet there are still people who are ungrateful just for the sake of doing so.

I respect your post but that I had to disagree on.

As an above poster stated. What is better is subjective. One way that could have alleviated all this would be to send everyone a list and you'd pick say 2 games on each platform. You'd in turn have control and there would hopefully be no whining. Then again I'm sure if you gave people the world, they'd still whine that they wanted the moon instead.


vickers5002709d ago

"Firstly with all due respect you can't pigeon hole people into the category of them being most loyal because they already have those games. Unless you actually have come up with a working theory that supports your statement."

Calm the f*ck down, I never stated what I said as a fact, I just said that they probably are good customers.

"The people complaining about this in actuality have no real basis to complain except that they want to complain."

No, they're complaining because Sonys inability to secure their sh*t properly has caused almost a month of lost play time and the leak of tons of personal information, and Sony isn't properly compensating them for their troubles because they already have all those games.

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thorstein2711d ago

Not to mention all the stupid comments about Credit Card info (which was not compromised) that people claim happened because a story on Kotaku was quoting another story on Kotaku that claimed the info was stolen when it clearly was not.

PRHB HYBRiiD2711d ago

whuuuuuuuutt people are complaining?? wtf do they want? a free bj courtesy of sony? i think the welcome back gifts are great...and they are free so just quit crying and enjoy the games people.

Graey2710d ago

Honestly man

I really do think its control people want. Now that I think about it, the games can easily come and go. Sony could have say put 20 games on that list comprising of the games listed now and enough games to cover the gap to 20.

But instead of saying this what you get to have...more so give people the ability to choose the games themselves. Or in a broader sense scrub the list. Get a full list of psp and ps3 games on the network and have people pick only 2 from each category, thereby giving them control over what they want.

Honestly if people complained after that (which I'm sure they would) I wouldn't know what to think.

lil Titan2711d ago

The sad thing is that the store isn't even up yet smh

DigitalHorror812711d ago

The lack of the PS Store is kind of annoying. I really want to buy some games, and download my free ones too. :o)

lil Titan2710d ago

did someone just disagree with me that the store is up? only n4g i swear smh

RedDevils2711d ago

haaha that picture is priceless, Loved IT!

TBM2711d ago

to all the whiners out there if you don't like the selection of games offered put a resume in with Sony to become CEO of the company so you can make the decisions on what games to give away for free since yall seem to know better then Sony.

if you don't get a response from them i suggest you stop the complaining and be happy that they did do a welcome back package to try and make up for what has happened to them and their customers.

ungrateful people.

MultiConsoleGamer2710d ago

No, its not. Most loyal PS3 owners already have all these games. I know I do.

Tachyon_Nova2710d ago

I disagree. I own in the area of 80 games for PS3 and I only have 2 of those (inFamous and LBP).

Honestly I dont expect anything from them (partly because I just played PC games instead), so to get over one hundred dollars free content is pretty bloody impressive.

Graey2710d ago

Stop doing that.

Pigeon holing people into loyalty versus what you actually own is blatantly false. Your passing your view off as truth.

Most of these games I don't have, but the idea of them trying should be the only topic of merit here. Not whether you have them or not.

maddfoxx2710d ago

Then what games you suggest they give out for free. If you're really as loyal as you say you are then you would have every Sony exclusive right?

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VTHockey4112711d ago

I just can't believe people are complaining about getting to select titles like LBP and inFAMOUS. It's not like they gave us the option to download Rogue Warrior. These are good games! Yet people everywhere have been whining about it. Get over it! They're free!

EYEamNUMBER12711d ago

what if you already own said games then you get nothing in the end while everyone else gets something

if that was the case i can understand someone complaining about it

VTHockey4112711d ago

In that case, sell said games and download the offered ones for free. At least get some credit towards something else? Also, even if Sony offered GoW III, Uncharted 2 etc. people would still be complaining bc they already own them. I think Sony just tried to choose some hits that they've put out that aren't gigantic sellers like GoW. Can't all win, unfortunately, but to complain about it seems crazy.

EYEamNUMBER12711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

if you were to sell em you wouldn't even get enough for a #1 at mc donalds especially at gamestop

you still gain nothing worthwhile while everyone else would get something
if i actually cared i would be annoyed by this myself so again in certain cases i can understand someone complaining

VTHockey4112711d ago

Okay, so what would your solution be?

My opinion is, too bad. You're getting offered something for free, if you already have all 5 games -- which most people won't, btw -- then do you really need free games to begin with?

Sony could have just said, free PSN+ for a month and identity theft protection and people would have bitched and moaned but they would have come back and been on PSN again.

LOGICWINS2711d ago

"You're getting offered something for free, if you already have all 5 games -- which most people won't, btw -- then do you really need free games to begin with?"

I agree, if you own ALL the five games that Sony offered to you, that tells me that your pretty well off financially to buy any other games you want.

Peaceful_Jelly2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

identity theft protection is just for certain regions though... And if most people doesn't have those games then why is that there are so many complaining?

Sony is giving us free games to compensate everybody not some. And there will be no compensation for lots of people that went through the same as you or maybe worse because they had DRM games, MMO subscriptions, credit cards stuck in their account, etc.

BattleAxe2711d ago

Lets put it this way, what if Microsoft had to give a Welcome Back Package, what would it include? Probably no more than 30 days of free Xbox Live Gold Subscription. All in all, Sony has handled things well. There are always going to be critics no matter what you do.

radphil2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

"what if you already own said games then you get nothing in the end while everyone else gets something

if that was the case i can understand someone complaining about it"

You mean like me?
We're still getting SOMETHING REGARDLESS if you have the games or not.

Just do what I'm doing. Sell the disc copies and just keep the HDD ones.

Also people are going about "Why not give credit to accounts?"

There's many things that aren't right with it. One of the main ones is that if you were buying stuff off the store that wasn't Sony related, that's hurting the other devs more than having Sony giving away their First Party items, since that's DIRECTLY related to them.

Another main reason is the fact that there's people have multiple accounts before the incident, so some could get as much as $200s of dollars worth while others get like $40. You(not specific in response) think that would be fair also for others?

Graey2710d ago

Why does it matter what everyone else is getting?

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EYEamNUMBER12711d ago

i have no solution like i said i don't really care much since this doesn't bother me at all

all i said is in some cases i can understand people complaining
i actually own all those games they are giving but i don't really care enough to complain but i can still understand someone complaining in certain cases

i do think that credit thing i heard about would be allot cooler though

the_kutaragi_baka2711d ago

the games offered are also Greatest Hits games that got for as low as $20 in some places. I'm disappointed in the list really...

Motorola2711d ago

You shouldnt be getting anything at ALL. Its a FREE service. Geez whats wrong with you people?

PimpHandHappy2711d ago

are VERY happy with these games..

I have most but not all so im happy also.

Dart892711d ago

I have none so i'm happy.Don't like the games don't get them nuff said.

I survived the PSN network outage of 2011

xAlmostPro2711d ago

Don't wanna be a douche but it's not PSN network, the N in PSN stands for network.. it would be PSN outabe or PS network outage :)

p.s i agree with what you said, although i have deadnation and have already had lbp i'll download infamous and wipeout :D

if anything could be changed i'd say add warhawk, im not complaining though.

2 out of 5 free games(complaining because YOU have the games is just selfish.
30 free days of ps+(which will include 2 months worth of free content and discounts, instead of just the 30 days)
60days extra for existing customers.
30 days qriocity
100 ps home items ONE HUNDRED!!
free psp games for psp owners..

that's a shit tonne of free content!

GodofSackboy2711d ago

Tbh im surprised they didnt have Warhawk, need some more people playing the DLC, sometimes its hard to find a game, but still a brilliant list of games

Bell Boy2711d ago

you can't add warhawk I have's just not fair

Mummmmy...the nasty man as upset me