New Pinball FX XBLA Table Next Week

Zen Studios ,today has announced that next week they will be releasing new content in the form of a new table. The new table that many gamers have waited months for is called "Buccaneer Table",and will be available on the 31st next Wednesday for 400 MS points($2.50).

Also they announced plans for more content.


Correction 200mspoints

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MUGEN4107d ago

i think they meant 200 MS points. 400 MS points is $5.

gogators4107d ago

no thanks. 2.50 for a table and I'll take a look, but still it's likely to be no thanks. I really wasn't that impressed with Pinball FX.

WafflesID4107d ago

I hope it's only $2. erm. Hmm. Then should have come with more tables to begin with. $10 for 3 tables? pfft.

4th one should be free.

WafflesID4107d ago

yeah 800 points is $10. It better not freaking be 400 points. And I thought verizon was a bunch of nickle and diming bastards...well ok so verizon is still king of nickle and diming, but XBL sure is close second.


You are correct its 200 points