FTG Review: The First Templar

"Between the release of Portal 2 and LA Noire, The First Templar is likely one of those games that probably escaped your radar. I’ll assume that you don’t anything about it. I’ll just say this up front: no, it’s not like Assassin’s Creed. Templar’s running giddy all over the place doesn’t qualify it to have a guild of assassins."- Bedivere

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Fir3truck3816d ago

Is it just me or has there been a steady stream of 7's and 8's coming out this year?

TheStonedSheep3816d ago

Sorry, it'll be L.A. Noire next week for me.

maxcavsm3816d ago

Jim Sterling just posted on twitter that this game is playable. Not great, but better than he thought. May have to give this a whirl.

eccothedolphin73816d ago

I'm telling ya dude, that part you played at PAX is the worst part if the game. If you do play it, it's an easy stream of achievements.

Raven_Nomad3816d ago

It is a good game, not great. However it is also a budgeted title. I am enjoying it. I wish Microsoft would have hyped this a little bit more, it's actually quite fun.

Elven63815d ago

It's not a Microsoft game, it's being published by Kalypso.

JATOSIN3816d ago

It shows potential maybe when I finish LA Noire I will pick it up

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