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The Definition of Loyalty, as Written by Capcom

This is an article on the loyalty, or lack thereof, that has been shown by Capcom to the PlayStation 3 fan base and the PlayStation fan base in general.

"So here we have Capcom, arguably one of the best game developers of all time. The company has produced classics such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Okami, and Monster Hunter only to name a few. There is no question that the company has talent, but was it ever enough to propel the company to its success today? Hardly. Every game listed above hit full steam on a Sony console, whether it be the original Resident Evil series or Street Fighter Alpha on PS1, or Devil May Cry or Okami on PS2, Capcom owes a lot to Sony. However, the only thing Sony has received from Capcom is a lack of loyalty."

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this is really lame guys.
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poor article by Sony Fanboys.
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Sony Protection Group, which is registered to a Wii60 fanboy. Imagine that.
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✔ Fixed
Bad Editing
fix pic/get a better one
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Lame b-b-biased bs.
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Sorry, but SPG? Please no.
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Sony Protection Group
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this is not news
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Kokoro6079d ago (Edited 6079d ago )

it's so silly to think that they would care about one little letter, when there is so much money involve.

TripleTags6079d ago (Edited 6079d ago )

It is your decision in the end, but I felt that it was a good article. I pretty much agree with what was said in the article. Capcom truly needs to realize where all of the fame came from and what format it started on (the fame that is, not saying Capcom started on PlayStation...). It's as if Capcom is cutting off the hand that fed them, which is not a smart move at all....

ruibing6078d ago

Well it's not surprising these days to see memories fade faster than checks, it would be nice to see more integrity (maybe not the best word for it) from developers when so many of them are bleeding old franchises dry for money. Though I can't blame Capcom for their business decision, as a long time PS fan and having owned almost every one of their releases on the PS2, I am disappointed as a consumer. It is not so much in the lack of exclusive as the old notion that developers just don't spend as much time perfecting a game on a specific platform when it is not an exclusive, so I would be more likely to purchase from other Japanese developers such Konami, Level 5, and Square Enix.

gogators6078d ago

and their original start came in the arcades. One would even have to ask based on this premise about Capcom loyalty to Nintendo.

unlimited6078d ago

Konami(metal Gear solid 4 and sqaure(final fantasy VIII and versus) is making their games exclusive to the is about money your right but at least give at least one game exclusive it can be DMC4 or Resident Evil but they dont want too..not even time exclusive!!!

i dont like capcom ill still buy dmc and resident evil but i wont have respect for them.

sticky doja6078d ago (Edited 6078d ago )

"Capcom truly needs to realize where all of the fame came from and what format it started on (the fame that is, not saying Capcom started on PlayStation...)"

Are you serious? How old are you, 12? I'll list a few games for you that you may or may not have heard of before Playstation ever existed, and then see if you still feel that way. 1942, Commando, Ghosts N Goblins, Mega Man's, Breath of Fire's, Eye of the Beholder, Final Fight's, Knights of the Round, Street Fighter 2. Those are SOME great games on systems before the Playstation and doesn't even include Arcade only games.

Leathersoup6078d ago (Edited 6078d ago )

If you're so dead set about the loyalty bit. Why aren't you pissed off at Square Enix for not making Final Fantasy for the Nintendo only? As a matter of fact I believe Capcom was making games for the NES and SNES long before the first Playstation even existed including *drum roll* Metal Gear!

Why aren't you pissed off and only buying Nintendo products for your Capcom fix?

Sad. Just sad.

emaddox846078d ago (Edited 6078d ago )

I don't know if you know this or not, but the reason Square switched over to the Playstation for Final Fantasy VII is because of the CD-ROM drive. Nintendo's cartridges couldn't hold enough information for what is now considered one of the greatest games of all time (Kinda makes you think of Blu-Ray doesn't it?). Another fact that you may not know is that Nintendo only had themselves to blame for this. Back in the early 90's, Nintendo commissioned Sony to make a CD-ROM drive for the SNES dubbed the SNES-CD, but then backed out of it and left Sony high and dry. Well, Sony instead redirected their efforts on the SNES-CD and make the Playstation. I'm sure Nintendo regretted this decision greatly during the N64/Gamecube life cycles. Anyhow, now you can see how your allegations about the lack of loyalty from Square to Nintendo aren't so warranted anymore, since their switch came from not only technical aspects, but bad decisions from Nintendo. And I guess the same could be said about the original Metal Gear Solid, the space requirements of that game would not have been doable on cartridges that held from 4MB to 64MB(which was only on RE2 towards the end of the N64 lifecycle).

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RadientFlux6079d ago (Edited 6079d ago )

Interesting opinion... with it's limited outlook on the history of console gaming.

Fanboys make a big deal about loyalty but only when it comes to their console. If Capcom was big on loyalty they would still be developing everything on a Nintendo system.

VendettaWFT6078d ago

Capcom should be showing NES the love. But besides the nostalgic feeling of "give props to the originator"...I think more people in this site get upset with Capcom because they feel the company owes Sony something and XBOX nothing, and when they see a capcom exclusive for the 360 they get confused and upset. Seriously, it's not like Capcom gave Sony the "f*ck you" and decided not to develope anything for them anymore

greed6078d ago (Edited 6078d ago )

who cares i just have to look for another company to throw my money at when they realize people are not buying there games for a certain console i wonder if they will start to care then!! (I WAS A DMC FAN)......."WAS".

to 2.1 i would have thought the same thing until i saw that part of there big anouncment was a rehash supposidly bigger and better version of a game that is like a year and a half or something old that came out on 360 and a game that isn't really that great to begin with but wait you also get a new street fighter......YAHHHHH!! i mean it's not a new ip and it's not a exclusive but hey you can fight while on the street in this game regardless of how great that is they should have never hyped it up to be bigger then it really was!

gamesR4fun6079d ago

Sure Capcon gave us the shatft without even so much has a decent reach around... But who care? Mh3 was the only game they had I was looking forward 2 now their going over 2 wii. They can keep their crap planet and I expect Sf4 will suck if they try and do 3d... If they do a 2d version it better be a cheep dl off psn ha ppl want a lot more than a crummy 2d game for their 60 bucks.

PS360WII6079d ago

Yea I'm not sure if this is news, but all I can say is give it a rest. They did it to the GC and I'm sure they did it before and to other systems as well. Devil May Cry is a good game but by the 4th one I'm not to sure it's a big console seller so it's okay that it goes multi, Resident Evil usually starts off on one console then goes everywhere else, Monster Hunter.. well who knows maybe Nintendo threw a bunch of money at them.

I can only bring up GC because I remember that really easily. Resident Evil 4, Viewtiful Joe, PN03, and Killer 7 was a deal that Capcom signed up for making those titles GameCube exclusive and hmmm 3/4 of those titles are found on PS2. Did I hate them? No for I knew they can offer the game to more people and get more money to make more games. Lost Planet for the 360 was a cool game but for it being on 360 only took away a branch of gamers who could never play it. So now they offer it up on PS3. Much like Okami where it was found on the PS2 but seeing that the PS2 was so saturated with games it was overshadowed. Now with the Wii it might get the recognition they could of had. What most are forgetting is that all the systems are still getting games made by Capcom. They aren't just tuning you out they are spreading the wealth. Good time for gamers bad time for loyalists.

And thank you RadientFlux for if they were loyal along with every other older developers out there we would only be seeing Nintendo games.

VirusE6079d ago

Capcom owes more to nintendo than sony. The 8 bit nes and 16 bit super nes made capcom, konami, sqaure and so many other companies. Only a newb gamer who got in during the 32 bit era would say such nonsense.