Console version of Supreme Commander in development

Developer says Xbox 360 is "platform of choice".

The developer behind PC RTS Supreme Commander has confessed that he is working on a console version of the game.

In an interview with Pro-G, Chris Taylor, founder of Gas Powered Games and the man behind Dungeon Siege, classic PC RTS Total Annihilation and its recent spiritual successor Supreme Commander, said that the Xbox 360 would be the most likely console destination for the game because "it's the platform of choice for moving stuff from the PC".

Speaking on the issue of controls with RTS games on consoles, Taylor said: "I use the football analogy. The first RTS game was the kick and then we had to take the ball a few more yards down the field every iteration. We're getting closer and closer to that touchdown. We may be a few more iterations of the UI and interface before we get there."

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socomnick4107d ago

Yes but mouse and keyboard support is a must for this game.
Yet another Xbox Exclusive.

perseus4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

in the PS3 section?

This is about the XBox and PC, not the PS3. Fanboys need to stop trying rub people's noses in them not getting to play games they want to play. That ain't news, that's spite.

Edit: And someone saying, "Oh it might go over in a few years or so" doesn't make it relevant.

Dark_Overlord4107d ago

I thought that was the point of them XNA tools (think thats what their called), to be able to quickly and cheaply get games running between the two platforms with minimum effort. So its pretty obvious it would be the 360

WilliamRLBaker4106d ago

I enjoyed the LOTR rts games on 360, and C&C3 this game will rule as well, even if it doesn't support mouse westwood has really gotten the games down pat on teh consoles and im sure gaspowered will talk to them for help.

Zhuk4106d ago

Another developer who knows that Xbox 360 is the next gen platform of choice to fully realize Supreme Commander on, looks like they didnt give the PS3 a look because they know its going the way of the Gamecube

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