XBL Radio Ver 25.0

XBL Radio brings you show ver 25.0 with MrCarpalTunnel and The Other Guy 1

Tech News:
-The Xbox 360 Camera bundles up for the Holidays…
-AOL says: Youve Got Game Reviews!
-Wii price speculation. Will it be bundled with a 360?

Game News:
-Chromehounds: Pay to Play?
-The PSP goes retro.
-An interview with Lee from the new BOMBERMAN game.

Game Reviews:
Carpal gives you thrills and chills as he reviews DEAD RISING. No this isnt a Jerry Garcia anthology. So load up the mini-van, and get your game on at the Mall.
-Texas Hold-Em:
TOG and CT explain why this game is One Jack Off from a Royal Flush!

Plus: -Useless Tips and more…

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