Overlooked Innovation: Rainbow Six: Vegas

NextGenRetro writes: Often, there are great games which fall victim to a whirlwind of bad press. And while this may not always be unjustified, many great ideas which were hidden by overwhelming flaws seep through the cracks of the gaming industry. It’s this kind of innovation that, when unnoticed, is sadly mistaken for a failure. So here to pull some of those ideas out is a new series: Overlooked Innovation. The first game that writer Joe Natalzia pulls is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas. What follows is just what it was about this game that captured his attention, and why it's important people take notice.

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JMyers3629d ago

We need another Rainbow Six!

T-K47x3629d ago

Yeh I agree its been a long time coming.

DeadlyFire3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Don't worry its coming. I believe Ubisoft's current Rainbow Six project is aimed at 2012/2013 release.

I dislike First to third person cover system. Completely kills the term Tactical FPS. You are not supposed to see around the cover like that. Old skool was better.

Blaine3629d ago

Uh, wtf? The cover system was the WORST thing about R6:V. Author must be a huge FPS noob to think this is a good thing: "Being able to survey the battlefield from behind cover was incredibly satisfying and straightforward."

Right, so you're walking down a hallway, in first-person perspective, but little do you know someone is camping at the end of that hall. He's safely in cover around the corner, and he can SEE you coming because HIS perspective is in the third person. Who the fuck at Ubisoft thought that was a good idea??

Jovahkiin3629d ago

Best shooters i ever played.

Blaine, on hardcore online your peek-around-cover is massively diminished.