Top Ten Soul Calibur Characters

It’s not yet known whether Soul Calibur V will continue the tradition of format-exclusive special characters, but for the purpose of this top ten feature those from previous versions will be excluded. Only those characters which make up part of the core experience will be eligible, even if some of them have oddly appeared in the Tekken series also.

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Scyrus2804d ago

and considering that SC5 is 17 years in the future, the only girls that wont be saggy are talim and amy, everyone else is gonna be old

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Wow, Amy's gonna be 31 in SC5. She was a cool character because as a 14 year old she was small and nimble. Guess not anymore :/

aaronobst2804d ago

As long as Ivy's tits are big......

Foxgod2804d ago

Well, Ivy would be 40 something in this game, Woman in their 40ies can still look hot if they work out (Jeri Ryan, Catherine Bell).

So i suppose Ivy could show up in this game as a Hot mature woman or something.

Foxgod2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Top 10...Thats easy, start at the one with the biggest boobs as the number one, and so on.

If Ivy is in this game, her boobs will be hanging a bit lower then we are used to from her tho.
Considering this game is 17 years after the last one.

Quagmire2804d ago

I refuse to buy this game unless Yoshimitsu is in it.


Foxgod2804d ago

Why would he not?
He doesnt age...

AdvanceWarsSgt2804d ago

Glad to see Yoshimitsu at #4. Dude has been a beast in every SC game so far.

AdvanceWarsSgt2803d ago

lol @ the nub who ghost disagreed

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