How to be an internet safe gamer

With PSN coming back online the question must be asked, Are the online components of the current consoles safe from hackers? With the past hacks into Xbox Live accounts back in 2007 and the current hack perpetrated on the PSN hackers have shown that they are more than capable of breaking into they systems used by both of the major home console producers. The fact that the sheer amount of the damage done to the PSN took so long to correct shows that these attacks are malicious and until we are certain as to the exact reasons behind these hacks gamers should be aware of their own personal security.

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honestpizza3016d ago

Most of it seems like common sense, but it's surprising how much people don't think when they are on the Internet.

blaziliuz123016d ago

are you eric pederson from the website?

frozzenfire3016d ago

STAY AWAY FROM WOW, Very safe move right there...

iamnsuperman3016d ago

Agree and Disagree. Sony's new system will be tested first and then the possibility of Live after

flipmop443016d ago

yeah it's common sense but people don't think about console safety as much

jbl3163016d ago

I'm always safe on the internet - so far I have.

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