Angry Joe Plays Man vs. Wild: The Video Game

Angry Joe: I’m Angry Joe, and I'm going to show you how to survive through five of the most boring and crappy video game levels ever created. This is Man vs. Wild: The Video Game!

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MaxOpower3016d ago

Who likes this guy?....

Godmars2903016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I do. Just don't get why he wastes so much time with games he says and are obviously bad.

Also missing why he doesn't just say he doesn't like the PS3. Like his little comedy routines, but it does bug me that someone who claims to be about games and owns everything else doesn't even have a PS3. Much less doesn't cover PS3 games when he's even played with that lame laser tag game Konami rolled out in the middle of a coke binge at last year's E3.

Megaton3016d ago

Which level is the hotel room?

kesvalk3016d ago

i like angry joe, most of the time he really say what's need to be said about the games...