First Look at Bomberman Land on Wii

The Bomberman Land series will make its Wii debut in the U.S. early next year. Unlike in the rest of the series, the worlds in this game are more thematically separated -- that is, you'll find a whole snow-covered land as opposed to a little snowy minigame tent. But the multiplayer modes in this sequel are what make the difference; each player has over 50 different Bomberman characters/costumes to choose from, and a bunch of different stage styles from the traditional to the incredibly intense. Multiplayer minigames are present, too. One interesting minigame involves every player shooting bombs into an arena by moving a cursor around, defeating enemies to score points; it's certainly a different take on the Bomberman formula, but you'll probably want to go back to the regular battles before long.

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lynx1halo4106d ago

Bomberman is one of my favorite games.....but i will never play it on the Wii = Gamecube2