Toggle Crouch finds out if Bethesda's new FPS is worth it in our "Brink" Review

Bethesda's new contender for the FPS genre dropped this week and with its unique mix of FPS and "Parkour" style movement's it trying to take on contenders like Call of Duty and Battlefield. Does the new "S.M.A.R.T." movement system actually work or will it leave the player feeling like he can't pass his basic mathmatics course in high school? Head on over to our "Brink" review to find out if this is a possible game of the year title or something you'll regret buying. As always leave us your thoughts in our comments section

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kaveti66163020d ago

It's not Bethesda's work, it's splash damage's work.

AngelusTacos3020d ago

Yes, we touch on that in ref. to Splash Damage and their other work ET:Quake Wars, but Bethesda produced it and had a hand in it. Thanks for your comment and taking time to read our article. We will try to be more specific in the future.

Perjoss3020d ago

it appears they are running out of interesting things to call gaming websites.

cyclindk3020d ago

Horendous lag online and ridiculous texture loading issues and they launch a game in such conduition... sell.

I, apart from this, will not speak of the offline mode refered to as single player in this game.

AngelusTacos3020d ago

I believe they released a update to fix lag issues, again with every MP game they will have some lag issues (e.g. "Homefront"). Aside from that though, there were more issues plaguing the game. Thanks for your comment and your time for reading our review.

cyclindk3019d ago

Just played Homefront online for the first time a few hours ago before PSN took another dive, no lag there...

AngelusTacos3019d ago

@cyclindk When i was talking about "Homefront" i meant when the game first came out and all you got was "Error creating Beacons" with terrible Lag.

Mikeyy3019d ago

Ehh, my buddy got Brink and said he likes the Online but the single player is a joke. Im gonna pass on it.

Looks like L.A. Noir is my next game.