If you preorder FEAR 3 from Gamestop you will get a free copy of FEAR 2

Sweet deal from gamestop for Preording FEAR 3 from them

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AKissFromDaddy3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Gamers who skipped FEAR 2. Enjoy!

banjadude3017d ago

Two questions:

does this apply to Americans only? And does this apply if you get the special edition?

acemonkey3017d ago

why doesnt your stores do deals like this? i don think theres a special ed of the game.

banjadude3017d ago


Yeah.. I just checked and they don't offer it here in Canada :( The best "deals" we get are "trade in 3 games and get extra credit" LOL....

And you are also right, I forgot the special edition is for Australians only (and I think it comes with DLC, so I can't grab it anyways; DLC is region locked).

ZombieAssassin3017d ago

Seems like a good deal, might have to pre-order this when my taxes get back.

The_Nameless_One3017d ago

I hated...HATED. the control scheme for the PS3 version. Worse yet they did not let you change it. SKIP SKIP SKIP.

Not to mention that the main character moves like he is trying to move through molasses.

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