Bargain Bin Beauties - God of War 3

This week we’ve uncovered quite a beautiful bargain, my friends: God of War 3!

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FAGOL3018d ago

I'm playing through GoW3 right now :)

Who3018d ago

This game was a beauty to play. At many points in the game it felt like I was in a cutscene only to realize I was still in control of Kratos. Simply stunning.

cyborg69713018d ago

Plat'd this one fantastic can't wait for the fourth.

LOLconsoles3018d ago

It's in the bargin bin because nobody wants to pay for a 5 hour game with no multiplayer.

jony_dols3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I preferred the 7 hours of the awesome gameplay & epic gaming experience that was GOW3 over any buggy RPG or FPS with a tacked on multiplayer that I have played this gen (and so have 2.5 million other lucky owners of GOW).

Quality over Quantity any day.


I could buy the Blu Ray collection of The Bourne Trilogy or I could buy The OC Season 1-4 on DVD for the same price.

Hmmmmm....what would I choose?

cr33ping_death3018d ago

they should make it so that if people lose their last bubble they banned... how peaceful would it be around here then :)

showtimefolks3018d ago

i can not wait to find out more on what the new GOW will bring to the table. while we wait we will be getting psp's GOW games on ps3(and may i add both games on psp were some of the best GOW games in the series)

anyone who has played lord of shadows and other hack and slash play the best hack and slash in the market

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