Resident Evil Needs to Be Scary Again

For years, Resident Evil has been known as one of the most thrilling action-adventure franchises around. It was the series that successfully popularized the survival horror sub-genre, and it has garnered a loyal following throughout the years.

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RedDead3021d ago

I would like it to be, I loved RE4 though, even without the scary

thereapersson3021d ago

But as far as the original versions go, RE: Nemesis is my favorite. So many tense moments in that game!

The GameCube version of the first Resident Evil was a great game, too. I can't forget about that one!

darkziosj3021d ago

re5 was just a mindless shooter, and people actually like that, i dont think capcom is gonna change the playstyle of the serie now

crzyjackbauer3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

the gamecuebe re1 remake in HD
that's scary enough for me

NukaCola3021d ago

This is why I am actually pretty excited to play Silent Hill Downpour. The game looks scary and still plays like a classic survival horror game. Resident Evil is just turning into Gears of Zombies.

fluffydelusions3021d ago

Agreed. I purchased RE5 during Steam sale and didn't even want to play anymore after 5 minutes. Give me back RE how it was on the PS1

hiredhelp3021d ago

Turn off the lights then.
No seriously i get it thoe the first was always the scarest for me psx alone in a room late evening no lights silents then leechers come at you or dogs threw a window. or you hear the eeeerrrrr zombies making you shitting yourself dont want to open a door not knowing whats there.

Ninver3021d ago

Well it won't be anytime soon. Personally i got more hope for Silent Hill: Downpour.

limewax3021d ago

Even Silent Hill Homecoming was ten times the Horror Survival game that RE5 wishes it was, I bet downpour would be good, besides did you see the devs? They look creepy as hell themselves

NovusTerminus3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I agree. Though it also needs to bring back the lack of ammo and tension that made RE4 (On the first run ever) so great, and what made Dead Space 2 so wonderful as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.