Socom 4 Hard Playthrough W/ Commentary (HD)

Part 1 of Socom 4 Play through.

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ArchangelMike3021d ago

you need to try the game on Elite!!! when you get to the last 2 level's it'll make you cry. no becausr it is particularly difficult, but it then you realise the A.I. of your squads, as well as some of the cover mechanics, just don't hold up.

BTW any info on those hidden trophies?

IGAMEHARD3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

i got the platinum for this game in 2 days... roughly 14hrs gameplay... technically i dont have the platty yet because im missing 1 easy multiplayer trophy... so hurry up PSN

i do but i dont but i do you smell me?

DavidMacDougall3021d ago

You got the platinum yet you don't?

NavySeal743021d ago


Field Promotion – ‘First Strike’ – Complete your first mission as Ops Commander.
Rendezvous – ‘Rendezvous’ – Rescue the surviving allies at the NATO rally point.
Beowulf – ‘Leviathan’ – Destroy the enemy stealth frigate to ensure the safety of the remaining NATO fleet.
Whatever it Takes – ‘Fluid Dynamics’ – Stop the Naga forces from reaching the capital by whatever means necessary.
Trial by Fire – Means to an End’ – Confront Razad and expose Naga’s partnership with ClawHammer.
Allegiance Exposed – ‘Revelation’ – Expose Gorman’s treachery and determine his true allegiance.
Eye in the Sky – ‘Uninvited Guest’ – Secure the intel that reveals ClawHammer’s true objective in the region.
Passing the Torch – ‘Countdown’ – Stop ClawHammer’s missile launch and promote Forty-Five to Ops Commander.
Peace Keeper – m’Animus’ – Complete the Story Campaign by choosing to bring Gorman to justice.
Executioner – ‘Animus’ – Complete the Story Campaign by choosing to take Gorman’s life.
Double Down – Eliminate 2 chickens with a single explosive.
10-Piece Meal – Eliminate a total of 10 chickens during your career.
The Blood Orange – Find and collect a Tarocco.
Destroy Razad’s Car – Destroy Razad’s Car.
Destroy Gorman’s Car – Destroy Gorman’s Car.
The Sweetest, Darkest Juice is at its Core – Find and collect the Tarocco in each Story Campaign mission.

There you go mate

Headquarters113021d ago

Elite isn't that hard. Until you get to the end of mission 13!

& that mission where you defend the Dam control room. I got sort of lucky on that one.

Can't wait to play this online!!!!

RankFTW3021d ago

The bit with all the damn rocket turrets >.<.

Knushwood Butt3020d ago

Dam control room took me a ton of attempts too, but in the end I figured out quite a good technique.

Headquarters113020d ago

What did you do?

On the final wave of enemies i just ended up falling back to the control room my whole team ended up falling but there was only about two enemies left. I got lucky and killed them both lol

SoundGamer3021d ago

I finished my first play through on hard a day or so after the game was released. It was pretty simple. Elite is insane though. I still have yet to finish the game on elite.

acemonkey3021d ago

whos walking us tho this? do you unlock elite? i beat it on normal but i shut the game off since then and been waitin for la noire

RowSand3020d ago

how can this game get low score.. the game looks sweet!1

Knushwood Butt3020d ago

I personally haven't found Elite that much more difficult than Hard. Hard was pretty, well, hard to start with.

You can use a lot of the knowledge and tricks you learn in the Hard play through for Elite.

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