MW3 Gameplay Screenshot Looks Like More Of The Same

The first screenshot of Modern Warfare 3 has been leaked. The gun in the screen seems to be a PSG-1 and it looks very similar to the one in Black Ops.

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Sanii3021d ago

Call of duty, More of the same? Wow, Im shocked..

kratos1233021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

why are people buying these games or getting excited fore it , infinty ward is dead soo there is no hope anymore fore this. and still people cant wait fore this disappointment .
if some of you how constantly complain about cod buy this one then you have no reason to complain you know what your getting yourself into

also guys look at this





See the first word of all this : GFEA

Good Fight EA

let the games begin
BF3 fore my guys screw this overrated trash

Redrum0593021d ago

becareful guys, you might lose bubbles for saying anything honest and logical about mw3 like i did.

captain-obvious3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

i dont say this much

but MW3 is a day one pirate on PC
i just want to play the single player

just like how i pirated MW2 for the story

and no
im not giving activision my money

they CAN suck my d**k tho

EliteAssass1n3021d ago

^^^^^^^ +1 for not giving Activision your money. -1 for actually wanting to play a rail shooter.

Jonah_Reese3021d ago


I was saying the same thing, unfortunately I can't get it for free so I'll just rent it for the campaign. I'm assuming this isn't a prequel like rumors have been suggesting.

captain-obvious3021d ago


i'll get it for free so i wont say NO

but TBH i want to continue the story tho

CameronL993021d ago

Right, more of the same, you have a gun and you pull the trigger, why the devil can't they make Call of Duty with dragons and wizards? lmao stupid article and jaded gamers with no life complaining about the same game over and over and then buying every single one of them that comes out - like I said, stupid

mastiffchild3021d ago

@captain-obvious-piracy ISN'T the way to bloody Activision's nose mate. I can't agree with the route of nicking their work no matter how out of order they as a company might be. Two wrongs don't make a right and all that but beyond that the impact piracy has is BAD for gamers. It brings about price hikes, it brings about draconian DRM measures that legit gamers suffer through and it, and this is the one which hurts us all the time imho, gives devs and publishers an excuse for all their bad behaviour.

EA or whoever want to charge more? Blame it on money lost to piracy. DRM? Piracy? Nickel and diming us? Piracy made them have to do it and so on. Piracy is the one thing we do which allows devs and publishers to say we have no loyalty or do not care about the health of the industry(and they roll out the tired "what if EVERYONE pirated their games?" argument even though we won't ALL ever do it as long as enough DO they have this excuse)and it erodes trust between us.

If we could all stop it then the industry would have to look at itself when things go tits up rather than blaming piracy like they do whenever they can atm. Piracy has, on PC definitely, hurt gamers-it';s the direct reason the PC version of DA2 wasn't the full fat sequel to DAO we all wanted but a watered down console port intead of developed on it's own. Entirely down to it's SALES on PC not covering the piracy.

Activision may rip us all off and do it in a crass way and I can't defend that but as it makes us look as bad as them I cannot condone piracy either. Not havcing a go but really don't think it's good for any of us and certainly not as a tool for attacking Activision. They can just say "See, all this piracy is costing us money? All we can do is put up the price of games/DLC to cover it, sorry, but we didn't ask for theft"-and they will. For ever.

I just want to take every excuse they have for shafting us away from them and then, maybe, instead of crying when someone trades a game they will say "hell, maybe if we made a better game he would have kept it. We must make better games!!". Just my thoughts anyhoo.

X-DominusRebellis-X3020d ago

^^^^^^^ It's probably radioactive. They couldn't really think of anything new to add to the game, so they thought to make every character radioactive!

DeadlyFire3020d ago

Bloom up 50 percent! that is why. Bloom = BF3 graphics Activision says.

I am interested in seeing this game in motion. Either way. One picture does nothing for me when I know I am not getting amped up graphics.

ZippyZapper3020d ago

He's a PS3 fanboy, PS3 fanboys hate CoD because the 360 gets more love. If it were the other way around PS3 fanboys would be screaming how great it is. The only difference is 360 fanboys could care less about games that get more PS3 love.

MaxXAttaxX3020d ago

Says who?
COD is the same on both systems. This isn't about your console of choice.
This is simply a matter of game quality.

Whether you prefer casual games or not, that's a different subject.

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NobleGamer3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Hmm is this real screenshot? Or faked to get hits? not sure. I am expecting huge improvements if not hype dies for me lol

Agree at the bottom, why are people talking if we haven't seen the official stuff yet? then we can talk.

lastdual3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

It's one of the screens leaked by Kotaku.

They were all very early shots (likely pre-alpha, with big, obvious chunks of the background assets missing and no lighting filters, etc.), but it's probably safe to assume that the actual gun models are pretty close to what they will look like in the final game.

That said, you can take similar screenshots of most *any* shooter and say they all look the same (especially when the very same gun is being held). The proof will be in the level design.

user8586213021d ago

Theyre still living off the quake 3 engine what would you expect

Dee_913021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

its a rent for me

what type of dev say " they dont have time " to update the engine .. none that actually care about improving only ones that want to keep cashing in.

Hopefully after black ops more people realize this and stop supporting them ..

think about it they got $1billion of our dollars and they want to keep selling us the same thing over and over while they get more and more money? thats bs and im not supporting them anymore

well the people who love the engine and dont care about paying for the same thing over and over can continue to ,they have that right to do so.

Headquarters113021d ago

Nope, No.... Not entirely. See the MW3 PSG-1 has a silencer. Not more of the same =)

movements3021d ago


iagainsti1203021d ago

Bad Company 2 is already better than all Call of duty games graphically and game play wise.

Ravenor3021d ago

Mmm, if only the console version of BF3 mattered. MW3 will look better on my PC, but not a whole hell of a lot better. Whereas on the consoles it will look the same as it always has, or in BLOPS on the PS3's case..worse.

BF3 on the other hand will look miles better on my PC and on the consoles at the very least as good Bad Company 2. A game that by anyone's standards looks loads better then any CoD released on the consoles.

We don't need to try hard, Battlefield is the better game it has always been the better MP game and CoD's sales do not disprove that.

caboose323021d ago

"I'M A GIANT FAGGOT BECAUSE I LIKE TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!1!11" That's my impression of you.

BeastlyRig3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

you will get console footage after Dice caters to there most hardcore players ok?

I'm not dying to see cod mw3 on pc though..
They can show console version forever if they want!

BF3's Alpha footage is not even polished yet! So don't get ur hopes up for the console version but I'm sure it will look better than mw3..

Sony3603020d ago

Uhmm, why console footage? These games have their roots on the PC, and thus should be compared on the most powerful platform - the PC.

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the_kutaragi_baka3021d ago

BF3 will destroy this trash of "game"

Gamer_Z3021d ago

It's going to be the same regurgitated garbage that Activision has been giving us for years anyone who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves.

damnyouretall3021d ago

whether this screen shot is real or not, its still the truth. more of the same. if you really like cod then im not going to put you down. but i dont know why you want this game so much. i cant figure people out. its like mcdonalds, food sucks, hasnt changed in years, but it sells like crazy. is it so bad its good?

VenomCarnage893021d ago

MW3 = Mediocre Warfare 3.
If anyone thought that this game was actually gonna be something special... I kinda feel bad for them

showtimefolks3020d ago

but it won't be more of the same


activision won't change until we speak with our wallets and now if reports are to be believed get ready to pay a monthly fee to play online. I guess 60 we pay isn't enough.


I hope activision make the stupid mistake of charging us to play online that will pretty much be the end of COD as we know it and say hello to my little friend BF3

hamburger1233020d ago

Everything looks the same even the teaser trailers.

Trunkz Jr3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I don't pirate games anymore, my reason for not touching it is cause their boring... BO I played for a week and I felt I could of had just as much fun playing the original MW online, so BO will be my last CoD unless they completely change the way of how they make them (which they won't, expect to see Call of Duty 2142 soon..)

Battlefield 3 shall the one to earn my money.

XIIIWARRIOR413020d ago

And yet, you'll still get it.

lil Titan3020d ago

Its not the same, this time it has a "3" after "warfare" see thats different and this article says its more of the same

Vherostar3020d ago

Every game they produce lately is the same game near enough.. They are just overpriced map packs with the ability to buy more map packs.. When will people learn?

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FAGOL3021d ago

I don't understand 1 thing. How is it that MW2 looked better than Black Ops and now it looks like MW2 looks better than MW3. What's going on here?

Sanii3021d ago

Don't they all run on they same engine too? Man wtf is going on.

jetlian3021d ago

engines aren't all the same! BLops engine is the 1st with online splitscreen. If the rumers are true this the first with destruction.

Both these weaken the graphics

theEx1Le3021d ago

Blops uses Treyarchs modified I.D engine and Infinity Ward has their own (the IW engine). Same engine with different tweaks I assume, as WaW had gore, were others did not kinda thing.

tunytung3021d ago

Because MW2 was made by infinity ward.
BO and MW3 is not.
even Black ops engine is outdated than MW2.

There is no hope at COD serise. got it?

They all gone to Respawn Entertainment. boy

Sony3603020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

The damn graphics engine isn't what makes the game good or bad.

You people have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to that anyway, but why make yourselves look more clueless by talking like it's the deciding factor?

The dime-a-dozen, rinse and repeat gameplay and price tag are what make the games lame, not the visuals.

It's also the principle of not wanting to upgrade to a more advanced engine despite the ridiculous money they make from the franchise. You muppets talk like there's an enormous difference between Black Ops and MW2 when there isn't.

Look at Battlefield 3, that's the level you want to see from this game franchise. I'm talking solely about graphics again, because when it comes to online gameplay BF3 shits all over this franchise.

Clarence3021d ago

Well why spend more time and money making the game look and play better than the prevous game, when they know people will buy the same rehashed game over and over. MW2 was bad but Black Ops was worse. Yet it sold millions.

Activision knows this so they will not make a better game. Call of Duty series is now garbage. BF 3 will be way better.

LoaMcLoa3021d ago

I think they made an improved engine over the current one, and now owns the rights of it.

While Treyarch was developing World at War, they had time to improve the engine.

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xdye0173021d ago

Well duuhhh. I honestly don't expect something new from it. The different major countries are just marketing strategies so they catch as much attention as possible since America, England, Germany and France are were most game sales come from lol.

Regulator3021d ago

I read that the pics are from a early build. Why don't you wait for official stuff before you talk more shit about a game you know nothing about.

Trunkz Jr3020d ago

Look at BF3's early build, still looks amazing, so they have no excuse (o wait, they do, their too cheap to use a new engine).

solidjun53021d ago

Isn't that what we expected? It's the same engine. IW said this. I didn't expect anything to change besides weapons and story.

dkgshiz3021d ago

"Story" These shit games have a story?

solidjun53021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Regardless if the story is bad, good, mundane, excellent, etc..., it's still a story. :-/

Trust me, I'm not fan of COD. I loved COD: MW for it's action, multiplayer, graphics and story. AFter that...IMO, it went downhill. :-/

damnyouretall3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

i instantly noticed the difference in treyarchs games compared to infinity wards games. i only bought and loved cod 2 and 4. they were intense and special. i like bungie so im not fkn with halo anymore either. its not the name of the franchise its the people behind the franchise. sledgehammer is unproven and there was only one infinity ward. so yeah bf3 already rocks from what ive seen, and im happy to give them money, they deserve it. mw3 doesnt deserve shit. you might disagree but i cant think of one thing they can do to make this the best cod and top 2 and 4. tell me something and i'll stfu.