Sully to Appear in Uncharted NGP Game

A member of Official Playstation Magazine UK has said that Sully will return in the new Uncharted game on Sony’s Next Gen Portable. Read on for more.

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Kran3026d ago

I hope so ;D

If the Uncharted NGP game is a port of the first uncharted though, i'll be a little disappointed, but ill still buy it.

I hope Elena is in it too ;)

TheStonedSheep3026d ago

I don't think it will be; I mean they wouldn't record new dialogue surely?

DarkCharizard_3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I hope ND can maintain the level of quality that Uncharted 2 had with their future games.

The Uncharted franchise is giving it's first signs of being milked :( 5 years later, we might just have Uncharted 9: Undersea Adventure!

TheStonedSheep3026d ago

@WiiS3 If they do we are in for one hell of a treat.

sinncross3026d ago

Uncharted NGP is not even done by Naughty Dog. It is Sony Bend, of Syphon Filter, fame who is developing it.

Star513026d ago

He's an integral player in the series. This would be like announcing Clank appearing in a new Ratchet & Clank.

Big-Boss3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

lol or Big boss appearing in mgs3

MoDyDo3026d ago

I guess they said it won't be a port, but a new game, may be a prequel to drake's fortune
either way I'm really looking foreword to it

metsgaming3025d ago

im sure it wont, just look at the gameplay in the demo they showed off, there was no part in drakes fortune like that.

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captain-obvious3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

"Sully to Appear in Uncharted NGP Game"

thank you captain obvious ..... oh the irony

Kran3026d ago

That's funny.

Because I don't exactly see Megan Fox in the third transformers movie, do you?

TheStonedSheep3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

It's never a set thing, perhaps he could have died in U3, perhaps the NGP game was a spin-off with Drake on his own.

This is confirmation.

Kee3026d ago

just confirms he is still alive to everyone who hasn't played u2, really.

captain-obvious3026d ago

you guys crazy ??
no sully = no uncharted
its as easy as that

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Double_Oh_Snap3026d ago

Its a prequel an this is awesome can't have too much sully

MGRogue20173026d ago

I don't think it'd be an Uncharted title without him tbh..

dragonyght3026d ago

Lol they should have made the main character you know a spinoff what he was doing during u2

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The story is too old to be commented.