Highly-Controversial Satirical Novel On Videogames Released

Hollywood (I-Newswire) May 14, 2011 - A highly-controversial new novel "AM SO AS - A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols" has been released on the Kindle store (

The darkly-humorous novel points out exactly how many million persons have died throughout history, as a result of books (such as: Das Kapital, Mein Kampf and The Holy Bible) as compared to the deaths that are a direct result of videogames (less than a hundred).

The novel has been hailed by critics as "The Voice of the Videogame Generation" in that, it captures the current zeitgeist (“spirit of the times”) of the current “Videogame Generation” - much like "The Great Gatsby" and "On The Road" did for The Jazz Age, and The Beat Generation.

Notably, literary critics have pointed out that the novel is a highly-creative work - in that the middle chapter of the novel, Chapter 14-and-1/3 is in fact, an actual primer on Videogame Design - and even includes an actual Game Design for a present-day videogame called “Second Coming” where you play as Jesus, with an AK-47. Enemies include pirates, ninjas, and Sarah Palin.

The satirical novel explores the world of Videogame Development (written by a videogames industry-insider) — and also features real-life famous Game Designers: Ernest W. Adams, Noah Falstein, Professor Henry Jenkins, and others.

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awiseman3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

lol wow, its good fun and all but the playing as jesus was unnecessary.

soundslike3021d ago

Spoken like a man who's never played as Jesus.

Jesus is super OP, use him before inevitable incoming nerf

Jack-H3021d ago

Imagine that... karate Jesus.

thrasherv33021d ago

Why waste time imagining it when there's google?

Jack-H3021d ago

HAHAHAHA that is awesome! Thank you for that.

Baccra3021d ago

So is Jesus a noob if has quick scope on all the time?