Brink First-Round Update Released + Free DLC

Many of you may have pre-purchased Brink only to find that the game was in need of a little fine-tuning. Between AI issues hampering gameplay to crashes and bugs, many users found that Brink was in desperate needs of a post-launch patch. Well, the guys at Splash Damage decided to rush out the first round of, presumably many, patches for the game. Many of the above listed issues are addressed, so hopefully some of the major gripes can be squashed. We're sure we'll be seeing more soon, but this quick update is good news for all you early-adopting Brink fans. Check out the update below.

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dry_ice3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Depends who you ask... but I think the best way to answer and keeping with the news' trend is "There's potential".

2fk3019d ago

i heard that the single player is the same as mp just without AI....all i wanted to know was that if the multiplayer is good

radphil3019d ago

@2fk I'm having fun with the MP, thing is there's some minor issues that need to be fixed, but outside of that it's a nice change of pace.

I will say this though, I got it on PC. My friends got it on PC, but I dunno how the console versions are.

ARMY_HAWK3019d ago

If ur expecting an amazing campaign, well.... you'll be dissapointed (its kinda like UT3's campaing) but the game is fun when you play online, they just need to fix some minor issues and the game will be great. Im having lots of fun with Brink.

PandaJenkins3019d ago

It's a great team based shooter. Just some bad lag and matchmaking issues plaguing the online atm which is really annoying. Once they fix it all up though it will be fantastic.

chriski3333019d ago

i got it day 1 havent opened it yet not sure if i should keep the game or return it

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