Game Codes For DEATHLOOP PC Are Exclusive To Steam

It has now come to notice that the company has moved to Steam instead of Bethesda Launcher for DEATHLOOP PC Codes.

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lelo2play51d ago

Good news. Bethesda launcher is crap.
Sooner or later I might purchase Deathloop. Looks decent enough to entertain for a few hours.

Teflon0250d ago

I figured I'd probably get at the years end. Looks good. But with Returnal being a loop game too. I can't play them both at once so I'll hold out for a bit lol


They should release a demo on Steam now so we can all try it and see if we like it or not.

ActualWhiteMan51d ago

You get two hours to play it and get your money back for any reason on all steam purchases already.