Growing Trend of Hack-Hate Against Gamers?

"It appears that the hacking scene has determined the gamer market to be ripe for harvest... and the crop is plentiful. Hackers may have picked up on the fact that more and more gamers are using credit data and other sensitive information in union with their gaming accounts or devices since this has become standard practice as of late. Between downloadable games, subscription plans, and contest marketing, the average gamer may have a heap of information entrusted to their favorite game companies. When these companies fail to emplace proper safeguards, hackers may see an opportunity for a free meal and their 15 minutes of fame at the same time."

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Bigpappy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

These new attacks are copy cats who do not have the same motives as the Sony attackers.

@ Dry_ice: I removed my comment because the writer of the article addressed it properly. But I was not saying gamers are not being affected. I was saying that the Sony attach was not the hackers attacking gamers. It was purely to embarrace Sony. Gamers were just innocent by standers who got shot.

dry_ice3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Between hackers and Sony? I'm sorry I can't agree with that. Yes Sony was attacked, but what does a multi-platform game like DeusEx have to do with that garbage?

Secondly, these hackers are taking the information of the players, not going out and personally attacking any Sony CEOs. The people feeling the largest hit are the small people in the crossfire.

I think it's completely justified to say hackers are NOT doing players any good with their ego trips.

Edit: Agreed.

BubbleSniper3023d ago

Can you smell that? It's the sour, decomposing, sulfurous scent of our internet freedoms being stripped away at an accelerating speed.

I can see what this may lead up to, especially if it continues. Which is more than likely.

Kee3023d ago

Total dickheads. That's what I call people who want to hack.

a08andan3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Not everyone who hacks does it with criminal intention. Not all hacking is criminal. But what Anon and other groups does, that is wrong.

Its better that the hacking happens now, so that there is time to prevent the next gen of home-consoles being hacked. I would obviously prefer that people didn't hack stuff with criminal intention, but we all know how realistic that is.

gamingdroid3023d ago

Well said, hacking doesn't necessarily imply criminal activity. No more than a person in possession of a handgun or G*d forbid a violent video game!

Kee3023d ago

Okay, You're a dickhead if you hack and it isn't your job, then. :)

Speakindatruth3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

All hacking involves a negative intent. The only positive things that come from hacking is FBI-type hacking, and hacking to fix damage once caused. But you have to learn how to do things as an evil, or bad hacker so you can then become a "good" hacker. And most people stop when they know what they need to make a living, and while it's sad, it's also true.

Senden3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

So much hacker hatred. I hope at least the smart ones here realise that these destructive people are the minority and that there are tons of good hackers who have no intention of doing any damage to anyone. Just look at what hackers have done with the kinect hardware.

So much ignorance and complete lack of knowledge by a few of you here too. Speakindatruth (ironic name), you have no idea what you're talking about. There are many courses out there these days where people can learn how to be ethical hackers who learn all the "bad" stuff without becoming "evil".

gamingdroid3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

It is the same trap of sensationalism that gives hackers a bad name. It's similar to gamers whom you have a very small minority giving the rest of community a bad name.

Fact is there are plenty of open source software projects that we use today, that started off as a little hacking fun sometimes even illegal.

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Enigma_20993023d ago

The future of gaming is online...

... doesn't seem like that great of an idea now, does it?

But as long as you do the electronic funding thing, there will always be a risk.