Assassin's Creed DVD issues fixed?

Apparently the guy who came forward on the current issues facing assassin's creed for the xbox 360 and the ps3 has at least withdrawn his statement for the 360 now claiming "There's no problem anymore".? This was apparently after receiving a phone call from Jade Raymond.

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Blankman4041d ago

Microsoft pockets run deep.

power of Green 4041d ago

Yah it sucks MSFT has to pay while Sony gets the same treatment for free due to fear or angry fanboys.

Vip3r4041d ago

Well at least Sony cares about its fanboys.

unlimited4041d ago

wow fanboys .the ps3 have the same memory as the 360 but split..once they learn how to use it then their wont be any problems. this is the reason they should buld the game ground up from the ps3 and port it to the 360 it be easy on for the 360 their compression method but it takes out quality from the games. or they can put it on two disk..

marinelife94041d ago

LMAOF @ I learned my lesson. I bet you did!

Panthers4041d ago

I cant believe this news is such a big deal. There is no interview other than those 2 lines and no credibility to the report.

And if it is true, which it just sounds like he is trying not to lose his job, than good. The more issues they fix the better. Maybe it will get released on time.

ATLRoAcH4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Since when does everyone on this site think they know everything.I don't talk sh!t about the 360, so don't talk sh!t about the PS3.Anyone who works for Sony or Microsoft please raise your hand.....Thats what I thought.A lot of these comments are spoken with true ignorance.

If anyones knows Patrice Desilet's e-mail address I'll ask him about the PS3 myself.


DVD will never be a limitation because you can always use 2 or more. Or you can download content, and for you ignorant sony fans who always chime in with, "but not in an open ended world", WRONG. All you have to do is have 2 discs, download one to the hardrive and problem solved. Or many other solutions like putting the whole world on multiple discs and spreading the missions across them. NO MATTER WHAT DVD WILL NEVE BE A LIMIT. Some PS3 games already download content to the harddrive in order to play better. So this solution is actually a better way to do open ended worlds because of faster procedural loading. BUT the PS3 memory problems are a NIGHTMARE. You can not get around it. The bandwidth is never any wider than half of the 360. All you sony kids sure do whine a lot, which makes since considering your average age of 8 years old. That also explains how you are so stupid to keep throwing up ridiculous, completely wrong ideas about a split memory being anything like a real wide memory. Then you all agree with each other, LOL. The PS3 only is ever as wide as 256. And if you want the other 256 you have to do an INCREDIBLE amount of hard work to split the code up for 7 SPE's which is almost impossible. The PS3 will never have the memory of the 360 and it will always produce inferior games because of this. I know some little 8 year old will come on here now and say , "your wrong, the memeory is the same, just split" and act like that means they won the argument even though I just told you why the split memory is never wider 256. It's all about width people. But of course, even though the people arguments against mine will be old points I already proved wrong and made up BS that won't make sense, all you little sony girls will agree with each other like idiots, but don't worry about me, I know how 8 year olds are. Sony fans= 8year olds, general pop. with know knowledge of technology. Xbox fans= tech savvy adults who don't buy a console just because it says sony on it. This is why Xbox fans always seem so much smarter than sony fans, sony fans are general consumers who buy on brand name and don't know any better.

mark094040d ago

Yes the dvd will be a limit, and it already is, microsoft cant do your "install part of the game to hard drive" theory because alot of xbox360 owners dont have said hard drives.

ATLRoAcH4040d ago

But I'm 21 about to be 22.And I'm not here to argue about memory.I do know some developers (Naughty Dog and others) know how to make a game work fine and look beautiful on the PS3.Oh,and the Cell works differently than a standard processor.The Cell because of its structure doesn't need as many commands to the CPU to complete a task because of the SPEs thus doesn't requirer as much memory as a standard processor.The problems developers have is that they approach the Cell like its a standard processor and end up wasting memory with a lot of commands for the CPU that they will be able to avoid once they figure out the Cell and how to program for it.Microsoft's processor is very similar to the dual-core processor found in many computers today.And even though its better than old processors it still operates the same.So anyone who has programmed in the last ten years should get it pretty easy.This I will say is a plus for the 360 and people who develop for it.But by no means judge the PS3 that has barely gotten out of the gate and is already being judged by the software and not the hardware.Before I bought the PS3 I compared the specs of the two consoles and guess what I chose.I do not need to justify my purchase to you so I'll just let time tell you that you were wrong.Are you going to disagree with all the professionals that believe the PS3 has the most potential this generation?

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MK_Red4041d ago

Even if all of them scream "there's no problem", the truth doesn't change. PS3 has problem of small memory and 360 has problem of disk capacity. Plain and simple.
Now stop ranting and publish the darn game. Can't wait for Assassins.

Jdash244041d ago

i know what you mean....i've been waiting to get my hands on this game since last may

just a few more weeks

Captain Tuttle4041d ago

they might be trying to lower expectations for the game least that's what I in all of my "tinfoil hat wearing" glory thinks. I just have a strange feeling this game will disappoint across the board.

HowarthsNJ4041d ago

Two "S" words yes, but not the same.

The 360 has unified 512 memory that must be shared by the CPU and GPU.

The PS3 has 256 for CPU and 256 for the GPU (plus memory on each SPE).

Do you think developers can make full use of the 360's unified 512 by starving either the CPU or GPU of memory to give the other more ram?

The problem is memory management. Loading it through two paths as opposed to one.

Real gamer 4 life4041d ago

dude it was not that the ps3 doesn't have enough memory it was the ps3 architecture. Because the ps3 memory is spilt in half don't give me that.

Kleptic4041d ago

since day 1 the problem with the PS3 has always been the larger OS footprint...or in reality the amount of memory blocked off for future OS improvements, blocked off to developers that is (the OS currently doesn't use nearly as much memory as what is potentially available to it...further OS optimizations have also allowed for more memory to be free'd up to devs also)... matter what...people will always say that because the 360 has unified memory paths, that it has "more"...its funny...its ignorant...and it doesn't matter...the people saying it do not understand either systems hardware apparently (as a few posts up made a good point...are some of you under the impression that the CPU of a 360 could be using 512mb of ram for a certain intensive chunk of code?...I truely would like to see what is happening on screen in that instance)...

the 360 uses 32mb of its total 512mb of RAM for its OS...the PS3 currently has nearly 64mb (down from over 90 during launch) blocked off (its still unknown exactly what the OS footprint itself is) to devs of its total 512mb (half of which is server class XDR ram)...that is where the memory problems with the PS3 occur compared to the 360...but keep saying the 360 has more ram (it doesn't)...and keep saying that the 360 has "better" ram (it doesn't)...its been going on for over a year now...why stop now?

ATLRoAcH4041d ago

You have a point.Think about the PSP after what like two years out the cpu was fully unlocked to 333mhz.Thus making games better than they were able to be before.I just hope Sony isn't "blocking" for the same reason with the PS3.

tk4041d ago

The PS3 memory for the OS will make certain features available across all online titles - like chat, video etc. For the XB360 those features will be in the game code. So if the memory is in the OS or game - it will even out. Difference is that the PS3 features will be same right across titles.

Odion4040d ago

your actually completely wrong

The 360 has 512 of Ram for the GPU alone, while the system also has its own 256 megs of ram, just like a normal computer, the GFX card has its own ram and the system has its own.

the PS3 has 512 of ram that must be split between everything

achira4040d ago

odion you are a .... you are so wrong! the xbox360 has 512mb in total, gpu+cpu. i know you suck the d!ck of bill gates, but there are other ppl, who know the truth. the truth is 512 mb for ps3 and xbox360, the truth is the ps3 has far faster ram (XDR), the truth is developers need time to programm the ps3 correctly, the truth is the ps3 will blow the xbox360 out of the water. look here for specs of the 360:
what a moron, unbelievable, you should be banned.

Kleptic4040d ago

Odion......the rate at which you group words into phrases that state incorrect information is so high...that you should simply stop interacting with other human beings altogether...

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BubblesDAVERAGE4041d ago

Just make the game small like gears of war...

FirstknighT4041d ago

If that doesn't work make it even smaller like Heavenly Sword.

DarkArcani4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )


Don't diss Gear of War. It's a great game.


Don't diss Heavenly Sword. That is a great game as well.

*If you want to diss some games, then diss EA games. Leave the good ones out of it*

@Einherjaren - Dude, shut it with the small size thing. Size in games has nothing to do with the enjoyment of your experience. It's about fun.

Einherjaren4041d ago

HELL NO!! GoW suck cause of it's SMALL size!!

mesh14041d ago

ps3 games int he future will suffer cause of memory problems ps3 games will alwsy have lower texture than the 360 as the,the pc has tons of memory and games on there texture with a gr8 pc can reach mind blowing detail ,the ps3 will alwsy have he memory problem.

Real Gambler4041d ago

Pick up ANY recent pc games. Look at the memory requirement for the game if you're running XP and if you're running Vista. You will see that if you're running the EXACT same game on Vista, you need 512mb and sometime up to 1Gb more of memory. It's the exact same game! So, ooops, why would you need an extra Gig? O.S. is hungry. Drivers are hungry (DX1O...). Antivirus. Firewall. And so on.

This is why, today, 2Gig of memory on a PC is just enough... If you let Microsoft go, next O.S. will likely need 8Gig alone to run : )

This is why you get games that run at very decent resolution with minimal memory requirement. You pay $400 for a console, and you can run games at 1920X1080 at 60FPS... You would be amazed to see how many people cannot reach 60FPS at this type of resolutions on PCs as old as those consoles are... And for quite a higher price! There's likely more than 95% of the PCs right now still running at 1024X768, nearly half of what a console can do. And likely with 3 or 4 time the memory...

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power of Green 4041d ago

I don't think he was saying its not a future problem but no problem with this title itself You would have to be a fool to think Compression tech is going to work forever.

Memory in this generation is a major huge issue too, just as big of an issue to say the least. We're going to see more multi disc games and we'll see if devs figure out how to use more than 256 of memroy for games.

DrPirate4041d ago

256 MB of memory? I didn't know AC was going to the Wii.......


Ps3 deosnt have small memory it has the same 512mb, you just have to develop for it differently.

power of Green 4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Yah just like people saying 360 doesn't have a disc size issue.

Are you saying PS3 has unified memory and the devs are not worried about it?.

Tell that to the devs talking about it, not us.

EDIT: @5.3

You think that the PS3 could have 4 times less system RAM, 64 mbs, and still outdo the 360?.

System RAM is typically used for things like collision structures for collision detection (often very close to the same amount of memory taken up by the meshes themselves in video RAM), as well as all data that needs to be associated with game objects within the world.
You've likely seen the size of the world in AC, as well as the number of characters on screen. More RAM is better than faster RAM.

The PS3 also has NO access what so ever to the other memory bank...

Infact the other 256Mbs of ram are just there to weigh down the system.. otherwise it would float all over the house like in the commercials.

256 is a nice amount for those, but not as flexible as a shared 512 mb architecture.

We'll see if the devs will work out streaming on PS3(already doing it for PS3?) and I'm sure folks won't mind multi disc games.

Why is that rabid fanboy always replying to me?, just stop it I can't read your posts.

mighty_douche4041d ago

512mb is simply no enough and theres no getting away from that. at least with blu-ray in a few years time we wont have games running into 3,4,5 discs

Proxy4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

PS3's OS does take up more room. If I remember 360 OS takes about 30 (bit lowball) and includes everything, and the PS3 once took maybe 120 (that's highball by far) if you had everything enabled in-game, like buddy list, etc. The 360 OS is clearly better. So a highball estimate would be that the 360 has a good 90 megs of ram on the PS3. Throw into this the divided ram on the PS3 (yet it performs faster, and better in some regards) and you can preaty well argue that 360 wins in the ram department. But what does this mean for games?

Consider a high end PC with 4 gigs of system ram (minus 1 for the OS, and overhead) and 768 on the graphics card alone. You're left with 3.7 gigs for the game alone, more than 7 times what either consol has to offer. Yet do the games look 7 times better? No. If an extra 3 gigs offers just a little graphical advantage, consider the impact 90 megs would make. Infinately insignificant. The two systems are different, and ram is one of the least important aspects to take into consideration.

Ram isn't everything. We'll have to let the games speak for themselfs I guess.

Both systems are becoming more and more inferior to PC's, yet the arguements will continue. It's very important to figure out which of the two inferior techs is a tiny bit better.


I own a PS3 and prefer it. I was using lowball for the 360, and highball for the PS3* hoping to show that even with an exagerated difference, it's still not that important. So, I'm actually attempting a defense against those who suggest the PS3 is behind because of it's ram. It's different, that's all.

*I read once that the PS3 took about 96 megs for the basic features, and then that it might be higher when enabling in-game features, thus I guessed 120 for highballs sake. I've even heard now that it's as low as 48 megs, but I don't think that's confirmed.

mighty_douche4041d ago

mate, PS3 OS uses around 64mb, while 360's uses around 32mb. sony have stated that they will be lowering the ps3's OS 'footprint' with firmware updates, exactly the same as what MS have done.

all of you seem to forget that sony is a year behind the 360, and just like everything on the 360, things take time to resolve.

S1D3 EFFEC74041d ago

32mb of the 256mb of available GDDR3 memory off the RSX chip
64mb of the 256mb of available XDR memory off the Cell CPU
1 SPE of 7 constantly reserved 1 SPE of 7 able to be "taken" by the OS at a moments notice (games have to give it up if requested)

Real Gambler4041d ago

POG: You're saying yourself: "System RAM is typically used for things like collision structures for collision detection (often very close to the same amount of memory taken up by the meshes themselves in video RAM)"

So here we go... Both consoles have 512Mb of memory. With the PS3, it's 256Mb for the system and 256Mb for the graphic card. So if I use your very own comment, it's a great split because "System RAM ...IS...(often very close to the same amount of memory taken up by the meshes themselves in video RAM) Wow, PS3 nailed it right. Or at least very close in your OWN WORDS...

Now, sure enough, there's times were devs will use 400Mb for system and 100Mb for GPU. But when????? As you said it yourself, you may have lots of collisions to process. You may have lots of ennemies to process. So what. You ALSO have to show them up on screen! So most of the time, games for the 360 will be AT THE MOST a 300Mb-200Mb split, but as you said, quite likely 256Mb-256Mb most of the time. You don't have lots of graphic to show if you don't have lot's of processing to do! So unified memory is good, but truly, you will never see wide swing unless it's something like Folding at Home. (Massive processing, but basically nothing to display.)

So in your own sentence, you're saying that memory is usually split 50-50 and yet, you say it's bad? Truly funny...

Proxy4040d ago

POG? What the hell?

No I don't think that. If I did think that, I probably would have said it, but I've not said any such thing.

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