More on RSX downgrade rumor

This comes from xbdestroya, moderator at e-mpire PS3 forum, generally honest and knowledgeable guy who conducts interviews with PS3 developers:

"Yes, the Inquirer is trash, but the RSX, pending further news (because it's still subject to change mind you), has been downgraded.
I don't expect a big performance decline due to this myself, and I'm sure you'll hear many a dev back me up on that point. PS3 = Cell well before it equals RSX, and indeed, I have a pretty monster Cell interview coming up in the next 24 hours.
PS - Incidently, I don't think RSX was downgraded because Sony couldn't reach the speeds onsistently, I think it was downgraded because to get from 500MHz to 550MHz would have required a voltage bump that wasn't worth the added wattage and thermal constraints to the system."

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specialguest5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

for shame ironwolf, turning a forum conversation into news. anyway, if downgrading from 550 to 500mhz means helping to prevent overheating issues like what the early 360 is plagued with then meh... no big deal. the 360 is running at 500mhz anyway.

TheMART5871d ago

still it's overpromising and underdelivering

HyperBear5871d ago

still, at least it works and runs good.

sparco5871d ago

Thats Sony for ya. But still, im looking forward to the launch of the PS3; should be a great piece of hardware.

EnforcerOfTheTruth5871d ago

Overpromising and underdelivering? Don't you know that the RSX ain't final? They were saying it from day 1, so even if it gets downgraded or upgraded or whatever, there is no lie in it ;-)

When talkin about overpromising and underdelivering you should better take a closer look at your holly MS:

"There's a revolution that's about to take place in game consoles,"

"We don't want to disappoint gamers,"

"One of the basic premises of the Xbox is to put the power in the hands of the artist," Blackley said, which is why Xbox developers "are achieving a level of visual detail you really get in 'Toy Story.'"

lol lol lol

omansteveo5871d ago

They just annouced the new open Xna tools so everyoes who wants to make games can make games, so thats "putting the power in your hands" so to speak i guess

EnforcerOfTheTruth5871d ago (Edited 5871d ago )

They said it, when they released Xflop and not Xflop1.5. Toy Story graphics

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zypher5872d ago

as i've said before, it could very well be true. but from my understanding, the PS3's #1 brain-child was supposed to be CELL, not RSX. oh well, even if its true i don't think a 50mhz decrease will make that much of a difference.

Marriot VP5872d ago

your right cause whether 550 or 500, both next gen consoles are very close in performance.

HyperBear5871d ago

My Xbox 360 died on me today, and if i get PS3 and it works, than 360 is a piece of sh!t. I new I shouldnt have left PlayStation. Xbox always does this, they put out unbelievable games on their systems, but when you get the system, it doesnt work, then when you try to get a new one, its costs you 130bucks to fix it. THEY RIP YOU THE FUK OFF. Why cant they just make consoles work. They've got problems. But having said that. PS3 hasnt come out yet, so only time will tell.

TheMART5871d ago

First of, the PS2 had sh!tty DVD drives. Mine gave up, the kid of my sis 12 year old can't play a game anymore and other people I know have driveproblems.

The XBOX 1 I have still works. The 360 I own still works.

Somehow from another post and now this one I don't actually believe that you own a 360. If you do, I think you'd rather would be crying out instead of posting some sort of Sony advertising.

XBOX always does? Strange you can say that owning a 360 and XBOX only existing for 5 years now. They always do that. Right. So costing 130 bucks to fix it, did you hear that from a member overhere at the board?

I already gave you a way to get it for free at your other post. If you really own a 360 you'll read that, try it and it'll work

EnforcerOfTheTruth5871d ago

Hey, how do you think did they become the richest company in the world? By ripping people off ;-)

omansteveo5871d ago

Ive had a few PS2's and i get calls everyday asking me if i fix them so i guess both companies have some hardware quality issues even though ive only had one original xbox ever and it never gave me any problems and ive had my 360 ince he day it came out so who knows

Thugbot1875871d ago

With mass production you can expect some electronic components will not last as long as intended and you will get some defective parts. So a few CD or DVD drives going out in a small amount of people is accepted. However I will say the PS2 had a large number of drives that went out. I’ve had Sony drives I’ve bought for PC’s and they don’t have near the operating life as even the most generic of drives I’ve had. I owned a Sony Vaio computer and the drive on that went out on me and was replaced so many times in the first year, I just gave up and bought another CD drive for the computer. When I worked as a computer repair tech, the same things would happen with customers the drives would go out. I will say other than the drive going out the Vaio was a well constructed machine that preformed well. Bottom line is Sony’s process for making drives that are dependable needs some attention and I hope the Blu-Ray drives in the PS3 don’t suffer the same amount of defects as the PS2, Vaio, and stand alone CD/DVD drives did.

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HyperBear5871d ago (Edited 5871d ago )

I live in Canada. And i dont think you have any friends that live here that have a 360 and need the help im in, like only paying 65 bucks, cause if i could, i would. but i know the States so that and prolly Europe, its just somethin about the M$ Canada that they just will not take Yes for an answer. so unless you can get me the discount or give me 65 bucks, then im saying Xbox is crap for now. Ive spent prolly over 600 bucks on that thing:
10 gms. @ 60 bucks = 600
controller = 50
2 faceplates = 40
s-video cable - 40
play/charge kit = 30
3 rechargeable batt. = 40
thats 800 bucks and thats not even including the price of the system, but i got it for free sp w/e. Point is, i dont think i can get discounted out here.

TheMART5871d ago (Edited 5871d ago )

Relax man. There are so many fakes out there that say they own a 360 and talk sh!t about it.

But the guy were I was talking about lives in the USA and his warranty also was over. So here is the solution again:

One guy has talked a lot to the employee of MS over phone. Now they gave him a 50% discount already. So it's 65 dollars. And he managed to have also a chef in control to call him back and got it for free.

So negotiating pays off probably! If you want to play really nasty just should all sorts of bullcrap at them that you're going to sue them and want to speak to the boss and you'll write to the newspaper and make national news blahblah. Tends to work, they'll just give you discount to get rid of you.

Try it, it works

ps for this to love PS/Sony I must say: don't. I've been there, had a PS2 with a DVD drive that broke down fast and they even want to charge me a couple of times while it wouldn't even be fixed yet. For real. Actually the USA government should get a free 2 year warranty like it is here in Europe. Companies should make good products and if it happens it brakes down they should repair/replace it for free within a certain period

HyperBear5871d ago (Edited 5871d ago )

if you think i dont have a Xbox 360, wats your gamertag and ill add you to my friends list. And if dont say it, than that means you are just as full of sh!t as i am, but im not. See unlike you, i have a Xbox 360 and it broke. You, you dont have one, unless youve got proof and have a gamertag to go along with your 360. So wat is it and ill add u to friends list, and prove it to you. If you dont believe me.

pbo2m35871d ago

The same thing just happened to my cousins 360.
He called support and they told him it would cost about $130 to have it fixed. Now that is where I think that M$ is wrong. They know about the problem that the system had since the beginning, so I feel that they shoudn't charge for that. He got it when it was released so it was from the first batch that could possibly have had the defect and now they're making him pay for it. Now about changing over to the PS3 because of it, I don't think so. Nothing against you HyperBear, but what do you think the PS3 is going to have for problems especialy since it's a lot of new hardware. If you do decide to get it, just make sure that you get the extended warrenty.Hope you have fun with the PS3 and sorry to hear about your 360. Keep on gaming

HyperBear5871d ago

yea it does suck, and at the moment im trying to see if i can somehow get the money to fix it, but even if i do, by the time i send it, they fix it and send it back, school weould have started, i would now work weekends and 2 days during the week and im in sports so really i have to wait till cmas to play games. Oh and by the way, Even if i still like Xbox 360 or not, i was still getting a PS3 anyway, its just that with the 360, I won it, and no one told me that i could phone in and get an extension on my existing warranty, but yea, when PS3 comes out, im gettin 2yrs. But whether im with 360 or not, right now im not, i was still getting PS3 no matter what because i like both Xbox and PS. Its just what has happend today really ticked me off.

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Marty83705871d ago (Edited 5871d ago )

Does anyone believe owt that the Inqiurer publish.Every single rumour that they publish about PS3 downgrades has been proved false.PS3/Bluray are the future.

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