Beyond Good & Evil 2 Still Coming!

Beyond Good & Evil 2 NOT among cancelled Ubisoft projects!

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Venox20083024d ago

yes! yes! yes! :) one of the best games ever can get a sequel! :)

ChronoJoe3024d ago

not exactly one of the best games ever...

it was good though... lol i hope from dust wasn't one of the cancelled titles. i imagine the cancelled titles may have been kinect games, given that market is pretty small and whilst growing steadily not as large as others, doesn't seem that viable unless given incentive to develop for.

mastershredder3024d ago

"doesn't seem that viable unless given incentive to develop for."

Erm... You realize that this is one of Michel Ancel's special babies right? Not to mention what the Jade engine that was created for this game, did for Prince of Persia. This is the guy that brought Ubisoft Rayman and all millions that Rayman and the spinoffs have brought them. Ubisoft pretty much owe it to the dude to bring this game to light. He has had to put it off time and again to fulfill Ubisoft projects long enough.

Looking soooooooo forward to this sequel!

ChronoJoe3023d ago

When what probably wasn't worth developing, I was talking about Kinect games. I wasn't saying Beyond Good and Evil shouldn't be developed. You seemed to missunderstand.

Infernostew3024d ago

Really wished that they released the HD version of the first game on ps3 alongside with the 360 release. Would've been nice to have it during the outage.

lochdoun3024d ago

Is that an actual screen from the game?

SeraphimBlade3024d ago

That's a shot from the trailer from.... God, three years ago? four?

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