Brink Review - Suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (StrengthGamer)'s Bryan Cole writes, "I turned it on and lo and behold I was a little taken aback by what was in store. Surprisingly enough, I am having a lot of fun playing it."

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AvidGamerrrr3022d ago

I agree. Critics were to harsh out of the gates.

Elimin83022d ago

Yeah but their review score isn't that much different if at all..

AngelicIceDiamond3022d ago

Reviewers are always quick to judge bash an original concept.

jony_dols3022d ago

Not really,

original concepts in good games such as Mirror's Edge, BG & Evil, Heavy Rain ect. have received very positive critical responses.

I've personally played Brink, and I think the reviewers 7/10 is generous. Original isn't always good.

AnthonyAccinell3022d ago

It's a great review in that it focuses on the feel and enjoyment ofbtge game. The second opinion piece is the technical review. I'm enjoying the hell out of Brink.

Dannehkins3022d ago

I am really enjoying this game. The multiplayer is quite enjoyable to play.