Nvidia confirms new GTX 560 for May 17th

Nvidia uploaded a few videos of the card running (as of now) unreleased PC games; Duke Nukem Forever, Alice: Madness Returns and Dungeon Siege III. According to their benchmarks the upcoming GTX 560 should have enough graphical grunt to keep most of today’s modern titles at bay.

Basically the idea of the article is to show gamers they don’t need to re-mortgage their house in order to get a decent high-definition experience on their gaming rigs.

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SuperKing3017d ago

20+ fps on all your favourite console ports.

captain-obvious3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )


i swear to god this it like THE WORST TIME EVER to buy a 560 ti
and its something i've just did

F this
really shitty luck

@ below
i hope that does happen soon or else i'll just hang my self lol

mrv3213017d ago

The 560 Ti is a good card, the new 560 will most likely be a slightly cheaper ( most likely same price card )with a 5 FPS improvement and slightly cooler. Other than that it should be fine. If they announced a 560 replacement called the 660ti, for the same price then you'd be boned.

But as you stand enjoy 1080P+ 60FPS and the wonders of PC gaming.

Jocosta3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Funny but true. Also, they can score 1000 more points on that game, uh, whats it called? 3D mark? Oh wait...

Oldman1003017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )


"Situated between the GeForce GTX 460 and GeForce GTX 560 Ti in terms of price and performance."

It helps to read the article. The 560 ti is still the more powerful card.

Nadasico3017d ago

mrv321 1080p 60FPS, you sure about that cause this video says otherwise.

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GodGinrai3017d ago

I just bought a 560Ti in curious how this would stack up to mine as my card is OC`d.

ATiElite3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

The 560ti GTX is the card to get.

This new 560 is basically a 460gtx 768MB card and Nvidia's way of making a great $180 card as the 560ti GTX prices keep going up (cause when you OC them they are basically 570 GTX).

I wonder will Nvidia allow this card to run Physx while an AMD card is in system cause the 560 GTX looks to be a great Physx card.

PS360PCROCKS3017d ago

Damn you nvidia!!! Damn you!!!! >:-| I have 2 560ti's

mac_sparrow3017d ago

Phew, I literally was going to order a Ti today. Now I think I'll wait and see. Mind you, if the witcher 2 turns up and won't run then screw waiting

PS360PCROCKS3017d ago

I'm on my iPhone so This is the mobile link. But Looks like the card is a slightly lower version of the ti. More of a replacement higher end 460. So ok im fine with my decision for ti's lol.

captain-obvious3017d ago

my overcloked (@950) gigabyte 560 ti is arriving tomorrow

so i don't know i hope what you are saying is true

mrv3213017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

I have an old CPU+Mobo, wonder if I can overclock it... it says 2.0Ghz on the device with a recomended 2.2GHz max, I was thinking of 4GHz, with the stock fan. Just for fun.

It also has a ATI X600 Pro.

PS360PCROCKS3017d ago

that's a sick card man. Atielite on here has 2 of those and loves them. I'm sure you have a return policy...see what Nvidia reveals on this 560. Personally I think it's probably going to just be an upgraded 460. They can't call it a 540 or it's less than a 550. They can't call it 570,80 or 90. So it was probably the plan all along for them. 560 ti is the higher mid end of the 560's and the 560 will have less cuda cores. It should be around the $180-200 price point.

@MRV lol not sure what you're talking about. But a 2.2 to 4ghz? haha it wont last long.

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