FF Versus XIII, XIV PS3 absent from Square Enix release list through March 2012

Square Enix's newly released 2010/11 Fiscal Results have a slide dedicated to outlining release dates for Key Titles that have already been announced that will release between now and March 2012. Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XIV PS3 are both absent from the release list, while Final Fantasy Type-0 (previously Agito XIII) is listed only for Japan.

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RedDead3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

To be expected, XVi is a piece of piss and Versus just...well...I fear it may be an elaborated inside joke from S-E

Seriously how can they announce this game and then release 4 more FF's before it? How can they reveal FF XIII-2 last year and release it this year? And leave Versus in the dust for 6 years? I hope for a release date at TGS though.

AP3024d ago

Who knows what's going on at Square Enix HQ. For the time and money spent on it, here's hoping that Versus is the game that restores FF to where it once was.

tplarkin73024d ago

The only way to restore FF to it's peak of glory is to give the IP to Bioware.

ApexHell3024d ago

i agree with that bioware makes amaizing rpg's they would make an awesome ff game.

FAGOL3024d ago

Yh I don't understand. That's less than the development time for a CoD title and that says alot. I'm still interested in Verses though.

VersusEM3024d ago

I pretty feel have that feeling in my gut that Final Fantasy Versus XIII, will release on SOMETIME on 2012.

Coheno3024d ago

I AGREE! This game seems to be one gig inside joke of SE! Quite rediculous the way they develop games!

UltimateIdiot9113024d ago

I can't even remember when they announce FFvsXIII. All I remember is it's been over 4 years since they announced it. Still remember talking about it to friends in my freshman year, which was 4 years ago.

At this point, it's depressing and SE continues to lose money, wonder why.

xTruthx3024d ago

It feels like they are developing it on another platform.....

SuperLupe3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Seems kind of obvious to me now...

I think the game has gone through a major overhall sometime in between 2006 and today.

The "delays", silence and mystery surrounding the game is exactly the same thing that happened to FF13...and we all know why. And I dont think SE are unhappy with the sales of the 360 version in EU/USA.

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Silly gameAr3024d ago

I've pretty much given up on SE. They seem to have given up on us.

Istanbull3024d ago

First trailer for FFvsXIII was shown in 2006
When its 2012, it will be 6 years ago when they showed the trailer. Year after year they showed the same re-edited trailer over and over again. I lost my hope and hype long time ago.

I hope SE splits, Squaresoft and Enix were much better when they were unique independent developpers.

Inception3024d ago

"I hope SE splits, Squaresoft and Enix were much better when they were unique independent developpers."

hey, i said the same line like that too:

and i agreed that square better split from enix
just like the old days when they compete each other with great titles!

btw bubles for u istanbull ^^

Kain813024d ago

i was a harcore fan of SE mainly Squaresoft, but this has changed this GEN...i will buy SE games,but used only.
I dont support them directly anymore no day one purchases...

Peaceful_Jelly3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

FFXIII and VS started development on the PS2 and then it was moved to current-gen consoles... That's like 8 years as of now. Now add 2 more years and we have 10 years! OMG!

Not even R* took that much making GTAIV and what about RRD? That game's beautiful and its world is really expansive and it was made in like 4 years. What's going on with japan devs? Why do they take so much time in creating games? Now that I think about it, I can't think of any current-gen japanese game that can rival these 2 games in production values... Not even a single one.

SuperLupe3024d ago

FF13 comes to mind. It may not be the best jrpg ever but it was as polished as you can get when it comes to production values.

stonecold33024d ago

they may show ffvs 13 ay the tokyo game show and might give a hint of a release date there i think it will be out around 2012

shikamaroooo3024d ago

so no release of VS in japan late this year or early next year

Darkseeker3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Not just japan, because this is a ps3 exclusive, it's said to be worldwide release. What surprise me is the lack of date in North America and Europe for Final Fantasy XIII Type-0 on PSP. Type-0 looks amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.