Wonderwallweb Review Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Wonderwallweb review one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

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tocrazed4you4105d ago

Man if that 40gig with pes deal is gonna be released in europe sony is gonna make bank on it. I wonder why they still haven't done it yet.

Bazookajoe_834105d ago

As expected, a truly great game =)

dale14105d ago

best football game on the ps3 enough said nice to hear ps3 gets the nod on this one

season0074104d ago

This game is made for dual shock for winning eleven 5 6 7 8 9 10 11........and the control is just fit for it, i can't imagine playing this game on anything other than using play station controller=/

I've tried Xbox version of PES and i just can't get used to it, especially when i try to use super cancel and its not even easy to use it

Who would get this on Xbox360 if they do have a PS3? I am just wondering

Wotbot4104d ago

I don't like the PS3 controller. The bottom trigger's start to slip when playing for hours. And the analogue sticks still have a small deadzone. But the D pad is the best on the PS3 controller. So I think apart from the D pad, the 360 pad is the best for me and I prefer the analogue stick layout, it's more natural for gaming.

And all but one of my friends own a 360 so that swings it.

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