Achievements: Duke Nukem Forever has just published the achievement list for Duke Nukem Forever on Xbox 360.

The game features 50 achievements and will reward you with 1000 points

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Excalibur3025d ago

Cool, most of them look like you pretty much just have to play the game with getting various types of kills.

I hate achievements/trophies where you have to find 9 million of something or grinding something for hours on end.

raunchy3025d ago

Isn't that the whole point of achievements? To put some effort into getting them? They shouldn't be easy to get just by playing through the game normally.

ShinraE53025d ago

Although I do agree, I think (can't say for sure) his point was against the lame achievements, such as insane collectible counts (Crackdown 2 anyone) or insane grinds (Gears 2, Star Ocean TLH)

Excalibur3025d ago

@ShinraE5 yes, that is what I'm saying.
I have a few for Portal 2 that are driving me absolutely nuts.
Play co-op with someone who hasn't played the game...Really?
Of course I don't mind putting in some effort getting them I just hate the ones that take no skill what-so-ever to get like grinding the Brumak in gears for 6 hrs to get 100,000 kills.

ShinraE53025d ago

This is perfect; NO MP achievements

Those who want to play MP can, and those who don't want to bother can leave it alone. Should reduce boosters/cheaters online and leave it to those who want to compete.

Wish more developers followed suit

3025d ago
e-p-ayeaH3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Turd Burglar - "Find and steal a piece of poo"


MasterD9193025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Hope there is some DLC + more achievements for Ol' Dukey Duke.

CNXN3025d ago

Turd Burglar
"Find and steal a piece of poo"