The God of War Discs Arrive

PSPFanboy complained, yelled and moaned, and finally the God of War demo discs are appearing in the mailboxes. Not only does the package include the demo disc, but it includes a $15 off coupon for the new PSP. In addition, there's a nice God of War chain of sorts. Check out the pictures.

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DJ6090d ago

Huh. *stares down wallet

kingofps36090d ago (Edited 6090d ago )

I don't suppose any of you guys and gals has received their copies yet. I am still waiting for mine.

Edit: Oh! there you go... Go DJ. :)

crck6090d ago

Its good to know people are just starting to get theirs. I thought I was kicked off the list somehow.

Jinxstar6090d ago

This game really makes me want a PSP... I just hate handhelds.... I love GOW though....

MikeGdaGod6090d ago

oh ok.............i thought the mailman stole my copy

hopefully it'll be here this week

Seraphim6090d ago

Lol... I was starting to think the Mailman stole my copy to. I was starting to get frustrated, irritated, pissed off, and sick of grinding my teeth the past 3 weeks waiting for the mail. I just hope it gets here SOON because this WAIT is REDICULOUS!!

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jznrpg121d ago

My son and I played a ton of Monster Hunter on PSP


Ranking the God of War Games

Kratos has been on a rampage, killing Gods in epic battles since 2005. With each release managing to offer high-octane action, I explore each God of War title and rank every adventure from his journey to Olympus to his Norse tales of fatherhood.

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ClayRules2012588d ago

I won’t rank Ragnarok just yet, although it is honestly leaving me and my wife blown away…won’t go into details right now, not done as I assume others aren’t either, maybe some of you are, idk haha.

But here’s how I rank them

5. God of War 3
4. God of War Ascension.
3. God of War 1.
2. God of War 2.
1. God of War 2018.

MrNinosan587d ago

My same ranking exactly, with Ragnarök at #1.

ClayRules2012587d ago

Wow, that’s pretty interesting that someone has the same ranking as me haha. So, did you beat Ragnarok? I assume so with you placing it at #1

Flawlessmic587d ago

1. God of war 3
2. God of war 2018
3. God of war 2
4. God of war 1

Haven't played the others but about 30 hrs In to ragnarock now so safe to say if it keeps up it will end up being at the top of my list when I'm done.

CrimsonWing69587d ago

I will say the pacing of the original titles and the epic feel to them I feel is way better than the new one’s. Like, I could recognize and appreciate the praise God of War received, but it bores me to tears except for the pivotal moments.

However, that being said I feel Ragnarok is waaaaay better than 2018. I’m only on Ch. 6, but it’s pretty much rocked my face off from the get-go.

I’m really split between this being my GotY or Elden Ring.

robtion587d ago

I think different games in the series had different strengths but all are great. I liked the original as it was an origin story and the mechanics were fresh. The sequel added smoother gameplay. Three was just so far ahead of it's time graphically it wasn't even funny. Plus great gameplay and bosses and insane gore and nice use of sexy time. The reboot was cool but lost a lot of what I liked about the original trilogy (I don't need my games grown up, just fun). Will wait and see with ragnarok as haven't had time to play it yet.


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Cackocacho806d ago

Should change that headline to: "Old School Titles We Definitely Aren't Going to Get In the New PS Plus Subscription"