Section 8: Prejudice "how to play" guide - part 1

Sudogamer writes part 1 of a helpful guide on how to play this brilliant budget shooter from Timegate Studios

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SpaceSquirrel3026d ago

Is Section 8: Prejudice out on PS3?

sudogamer3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

All formats, SpaceSquirrel :)
Edit: Well, the 3 important ones anyway...

chak_3026d ago

any feedback on that game?

My BC2 "clan" starts to be a little bit bored, and we're looking for something shooty to play.

Is it any good?

D3vilzRightHand3026d ago

I have it on ps3 and i can say that its "ok".

Tho if you want to play the game THIS game try to look like go here and download TRIBES 2 that STILL can be played online 4 free all leagal.

Tribes 4 Trailer + sceenes from Tribe 2.

And site for game and patch:

Help make the community grow untill Tribes 4!! :D
Its hard to learn but fun as hell :D

sudogamer3026d ago

Will check out Tribes, but from that Youtube trailer it doesn't like as nice as Section 8 Prejudice :)

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