Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection -

"A small bit of polish has been added to the world, but it's less like a professional polishing a car and more like someone's mom spit into a tissue to clean a smudge off of her kid's face." - Kevin Schaller

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stormeagle63024d ago

This kind of discourages me from getting the After Years...

montyburns0003024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

don't listen to the review this is classic JRPG at it's best.

still my favorite after all these years. obviously the reviewer doesn't appreciate the 2d sprite era. I wouldn't be surprised if they gave FFVI a similar score.

dbjj120883024d ago

I don't even care... where's FF VI?

knifefight3024d ago

The After Year alone on Wii = $40

FF4: Complete Collection on PSP (FF4 + Interlude + After Years) = $30

I bought this and it's a fantastic value. I couldn't be happier.